Friday, February 25, 2005

My first attempt at Livejournal Quizzes....

Give it your own shot if you have a Livejournal. Hope it works out!!

Your Lj Golden Girls
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Dorothy Zbornak played by: gooeygomo
Blanche Devereaux played by: hyperdream
who slept with this many men: 2708150
Rose Nylund played by: darktina
her crisis of the week is: finding her estranged pig "Oinkers"
Sophia Petrillo played by: coningsby
This QuickKwiz by moonspenders - Taken 3 Times.
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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Writer's Exercise 1

Well, after much thought and wasting time waiting for work on books to come to fruition, I've struck off on a different course: fiction. I'm working on a new story now, then delving into the book.

In the mean time, there's an exercise I saw in a book and thought I'd try. It's meant to help you find writing topics, but it's interesting to show to friends at the same time.

The exercise: Make a list of things you believe or believe strongly in.

1. I believe in living life to the fullest.
2. I believe in trying something before you knock it and not just reading about it.
3. Good friends are more important than a lover.
4. Everyone's looking for love in some form but not many people know what it really is.
5. Being gay can turn into your whole life.
6. I believe in ghosts and life after death.
7. I believe in love at first sight.
8. You can never love too many people.
9. Sex isn't everything.
10. Without communication, compromise, and trust, no relationship can stand the test of time.
11. Coffee and nicotine ARE part of a healthy diet.
12. Everything happens for a reason.
13. Nudity can be art, and most people are afraid of it.
14. Overindulgence isn't all bad.
15. Being "unAmerican" isn't a sin.
16. Many "classic" books are crap.
17. Stupidity reigns supreme in society.
18. Your body isn't a temple, merely a vehicle to get you from here to there.
19. Depression is natural.
20. Pills aren't always the answer.
21. Getting lost in a book, picture, or movie and forgetting reality once in a while is part of a healthy existance.
22. Controversy is necessary to make us all feel real and think for ourselves.
23. American society is Puritanical and Hawthorne is still rolling over in his grave.
24. Time is slavery.
25. Aborigines and Native Americans are the most sane people spiritually speaking.
26. I believe in past lives and soul mates.
27. Aliens probably exist, but exploring space is absurd with so many problems on earth.
28. All psychologists need a good shrink.
29. Sigmund Freud was a moron.
30. We make ourselves happy of unhappy and find blame elsewhere.
31. Pure freedom is unhealthy and slavery is for the weak of heart.
32. Life is as real as we believe it to be.
33. Life is nothing without adventure and exploration.
34. Land is not property. It is something we all own collectively and simply borrow for a time.
35. Organized religions are to blame for many of society's ills, not "immoral people".

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

New Beginnings

Ok, time to change blogs and switch hosts... I know ALL ABOUT changing hosts. Damned internet-based morons... but that's neither here nor there.

ANYWAY, I'll be transfering all my previous posts on livejournal to here when i have the time. As if I don't have enough writing to do! Well, I need to start writing on a regular basis to get into practice more.

As for the book I'm working on, Haunted Cuyahoga (a collection of ghost stories from northeastern Ohio,) I'm waiting to hear back about the rewrites. I've left about 3 messages with the publisher so I hope I'm not driving him nuts. I just want to know if I'm getting the okay so I can finish the book and move on to other projects. It's never good to get tired of what you're working on so I want to get it out before I lose momentum... again.

So, yes, I'm a writer. Eventually an author, if i have to hold someone by their neck and force them to publish something! I'm sure I'll feel better when i actually get paid for writing for a change, instead of just donating my time and work, hoping someone will recognize it as good and offer me something. Life's never that easy though.

I'm working on getting a social life still. Not to say a "club kid" or anything. Bitchy, dramatic people annoy me too much to ever be confortable in that scene. I guess more of the "Broken Hearts Club" I had back in college. Just good people to hang out with who have some intelligence, aside from my usualflighty or long-distance friendships. Perhaps that will be easier when i get back to college in the fall (I never finished my degree in... well, I started in vocal music, switched to psych, and then went to 'undeclared' shortly before I took a 5 year hiatus.) I just don't want to end up being too boring... which is another subject I hope to cover in yet another book project i have roughed out on paper, sitting in my desk, waiting for this project to be over with.

Well, back to the waiting game.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Strike That... Reverse It...

Well, i'm taking a break from chainsmoking and rewriting finally. Aren't rewrites wonderful?? Only thing better is a root canal...

Two of the chapters have been rewritten, and i think they're fair. Not incredible or anything, but I'm my own worst critic. Then again, starting again with new intentions and direction looks like i finally have artistic license. Two more to rewrite and then send it in and pray. Anyone who ever asks why I haven't gotten it on shelves yet is gonna get hit. To them I say, YOU WRITE A BOOK AND SEE WHAT IT'S LIKE! One small step at a time...

Well, finally back to work in other news... it's good to be earning an income again. Something's gotta give...

Well, time for sleep.. and back to the insanity...