Thursday, June 19, 2008

Queer Paranormal Road Trip: The Urge

When it comes to diversity, New York City has everything for everyone.

New York's gay community gained notoriety during the Stonewall riots, when abused gay men and lesbians turned the tables on the corrupt police force, pinning them inside the Stonewall Inn and forever altering history. Since that time, Chelsea and Greenwich Village have been known to be gay meccas, yet all of Manhattan is quite welcoming of people of all sexual orientations.

In the East Village, you can find one of New York's many gay bars. The Urge, on 2nd Avenue at 2nd Street, has everything you would expect in a nightclub. There's a beautiful central oval bar, drag shows, DJs, dancing, and male strippers. And if you believe tales from the owners and patrons, it also has ghosts.

While undergoing renovations, something seems to have been stirred up in the walls. Poltergeist activity has plagued the club ever since. While the spooks haven't kept the customers away, it is commonplace for the occasional drink to be dumped over by a mysterious force. No one is quite sure who could be haunting the establishment, yet the possibilities are endless.

After all, the building was once a funeral home.

Whether you visit NYC for the shopping, nightlife, or unquiet dead, there's something for everybody. Just remember that no matter how lively the atmosphere can be, the dearly departed could be right over your shoulder...


Jeanne said...

Hey, NY is my old stomping ground! Sounds like an interesting spot to visit.

Dann said...

Like your blog!
Checkout mine, too.

Wonder Man said...

Oh you're in NYC! Please enjoy it, I miss it dearly. Have fun and be safe