Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You're Not Hallucinating...

In case you hadn't noticed, the blog title image has changed. Why? Well, before any rumors get started, I have liked the past images created by Cullan Hudson and think he does wonderful work. Unfortunately, the image wasn't saved in a format where I could alter it. And why would I want to alter it, you ask? Well... let's just say that I've created a new title image for me trip to Australia. But you will have to wait until late October to see that.

The new image features a house from my book Queer Hauntings and a spot I stood outside of this summer (it's closed for renovations). The tower you see is atop Villa Montezuma, once home to the famed medium Jesse Shepard. I thought it would be fitting, considering there is reason to believe Jesse may have been gay (though there are arguments both for and against it, as with many obscure people from the distant past). San Diego is home to several other haunted places, including a gay-owned inn which I will hopefully be writing about in the coming month. That's right... August is over and autumn approaches!

Lately with so much excitement happening in my life, it's been difficult to focus on the dead. A tidal wave of change has been sweeping over me. Some thoughts and individuals have started getting buried six feet under as life moves in different directions. Other haunting images and people from the dark recesses of my mind have reappeared awakening ideas and feeling long dormant. And still there are new, wonderful people and happenings brightening my present and future. Surrounding yourself with positive, cheerful people helps me feel more positive and cheerful. What has happened has happened. The past cannot be altered, we can only ensure a brighter tomorrow.

Still, it will only be a few more weeks before we notice the chill in the air and feel our slow march toward winter approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere. In two months, children and adults will be dressed in costumes collecting candy and partying with friends. The smell of barbecue and beach breezes will be replaced with wood smoke and decayed leaves. Skeletal trees will remind us of the inevitable death which awaits us all. It's the one time of year most people enjoy a good ghost story or creepy legend.

The countdown is on to All Hallows Eve. And there are plenty of ghostly stories dying to be told. I'll be doing my best to keep up with the blog, writing about some of the hauntings I have yet to write about or have encountered in my travels as well as talk a bit about some Australian ghost stories leading up to my trip. November is still in the planning stages, but if I'm traveling then too I might talk more about other tales from wherever I might be. In the mean time, sleep tight... and pleasant nightmares....

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I like it! cool new look!