Saturday, November 27, 2004

Mirror Balls, Spinning Around... Why Won't It Just Stop???

Ok, yes, I know... I've been gone for far too long. Here's the past few months in a nutshell:

Akron didn't work out too well. Friend decided to move out of state. I decided to move with him. Moved to Shreveport, Louisiana. Couldn't find a job and was always broke. Happy, yet not happy. Two months into the move, I decided to move back to work on my writing. Took Amtrak back on Halloween. Moved back home. Started my old job.

Brief synopsis, I know, but it's waaay too complex to get into all details, but back to my old life. Working on building good friendships, possibly going on a few dates here and there...

Some things never change though. My former best friend is still being a dickwad. I haven't seen him since just before I left. But that's ok, he's getting his. I'm writing a screenplay now that I hope to have finished in less than a week (well, first draft at least) and he's in it... being shown for who he is. I've mentioned to friends ideas for screenplays in the past, but this is completely different than any of them. It just came to me one day and i started writing. The ending is still up in the air, but i think it could turn into a damn good movie. Well, we shall see...

Ok, back to waking up after getting a good sleep for the first tiME in a week! I'll start updating more often... I think. :-p

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