Saturday, January 22, 2005

Manhattan Island Life

Last night I went out to a club called Plaid in NYC. Apparently, it's closing in a week, but it's ok by me. Lots of pretty boys but a very uncomfortable experience. I didn't dance, didn't socialize... just sat or stood, arms crossed or on my lap, feeling completely out of my element. At 3:30 AM we went to visit my friend's friend 'Breeze' who lives in one of the last squats in NYC near Alphabet City. We talked about how the clubs have changed and the reality behind "Party Monster" (both of them knew the real killer Michael Aleg (sp) and had strong opinions of him and what he did, not only to Angel and the countless men who's lives he ruined but clubs like Soundfactory and the whole underground scene back in the day.) We went on from there to a smaller, fabulous club called Darklight, playing loud house musicand having a very Edgar Allen Poe look to the place.

By 7 am I was too tired to care though and we crashed back at the hotel. Today, we had a late start: dinner at China Fun on Columbus Ave., followed by waiting at the hotel til 10 to go to the West Village (apparently going out early is some sort of sin in New York.) A small bar called the Pyramid was having 1984 night, featuring Erasure and Pet Shop Boys - how could I resist?? I finally let go and, yes, I danced.

We left around 12:30 and on the taxi ride back, NYC finally didn't feel all bad. Sure, it's busy, fast-paced, and crowded, but every place is what you make of it. Every city has a niche for anyone to fit into. You just have to find your groove and let go a bit.

Big snow storm tomorrow so I should do writing tomorrow! MUST STAY PRODUCTIVE!

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