Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Screwball in the Side Pocket

Well, last night was very fun indeed. A friend and I played pool and watched a drag show at the Interbelt Nite Club. Isn't it interesting how a bad week can draw you to places you really didn't care for anymore? Perhaps it's a little defiance...

Contrary to unpopular opinion, it wasn't empty. It was pretty crowded for a weeknight. Hmm.. what other things have I heard aren't true? Only the shadow knows!!!

I watched my friend dance his ass off... literally... and was very amused. He thought i was bored, but it was just a very full day so I was completely drained by 2 AM. We talked about our boyfriends and personal and relationship issues we each have. It was good to just talk and vent for a change. Good, fun, level-headed friends who aren't snobs of music nazis are hard to come by, and i'm glad to know him. We all need people we can talk to and who can talk about things other than fashion or gossip or Armani Exchange... and don't use the word "yummy" to describe everything wonderful.

Back to life. Back to reality.

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