Friday, January 9, 2009

The Morlock Days Continue...

Yes, 'tis I... back from the grave.

Well, sort of. Nearly. In a manner of speaking.

I decided to take a momentary pause from my writing and say that I am indeed alive and (relatively) well. I've been battling the occasional bout of writer's block while pushing forth to finish this book in record time. Some of the chapters are ending up shorter than I had hoped, but honestly... would people be happier if I droned on needlessly? I doubt it. Besides, there's always room for editing and tacking on later. The sooner I finish the chapter drafts, the sooner the editing and finagling can begin.

I set a goal of five chapter drafts for this week. After a late start, I'm down to the last one... but I have a large mound of reading to tackle before typing away at it. And I'm not going to stop there: if I can surpass my goal, it's even better. It's cold and miserable outside, so I really have nothing better to be doing with my time anyway!

On that note, I'm exhausted. Looks like I might be doing my nightly movie-and-hot-cocoa routine once more. That and bracing for the expected winter storm this weekend...

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artsyguy said...

Any sign of cyberlife from you is a cause of jubilation for me, Ken, so I'm glad you took the time to update us all who care about you so much. In some ways, dear, this is the best time of year to be doing what you need to do to meet yr deadline. Since it's so horrendous outside, there will be less distractions that way. I certainly am glad about it--I've been a creative dynamo the past few days--but enough about me xoxo