Thursday, October 1, 2009

(Un)Dead Man Walking...

Welcome to October... or, as I prefer to think of it, that time of year when suddenly everyone thinks about ghosts, ghouls, and hauntings only to forget about them after Halloween. Those of us dealing with the dead generally feel it's "just another day at the office" and sometimes scoff at the sudden interest. Although there is one exception to it being like the rest of the year: everyone wants you to be everywhere at once for the whole 31 days.

Honestly, I haven't had what you might call a laid-back October in a few years now. I miss the days when Halloween was something to look forward to instead of the last night and a mile marker for that next chance to take a deep breath, kick off your shoes, and relax. But this is what I've chosen, because I love the paranormal. So I won't complain... though I might try my best to find mild ways of enjoying myself between gigs.

And this month is going to be action-packed for me. I'm gone to Cleveland this weekend to conduct an investigation at a haunted place, followed by an appearance on The Kode 'N Nyte Show on NRR Radio on Sunday to talk ghosts, have fun, and give away a copy of Queer Hauntings. Then I have a few days of down time, hopefully having coffee with a friend, before taking my great adventure east to Salem, the Witch City!

Thankfully traveling via Amtrak again (I love rail travel... so relaxing), I'll be arriving in Boston on October 8th where I'll meet with Jeffrey Justice, who has been tirelessly helping me plan events in Salem for my week-long stay. I don't have a full schedule yet to give you all, but you can be sure I'll be poking around town, popping up in some of the expected (and more unexpected) places. If you happen to be in the area, check with your local bookstores and see if I'll be popping by... I know Cornerstone Books is on my list for the 15th!

Although it is mainly intended to be a "business" trip, that doesn't mean I'm not planning on enjoying myself. If money permits, I'll be having a nice celebratory beverage at some night spot with Jeffrey and I'll be taking plenty of photographs throughout my stay. I''m even planning an excursion to a haunted New England site as research for the sequel to Queer Hauntings (yes, I'm already working on that slowly). Perhaps I'll take a few interesting photos and have a little contest here... letting my dear readers try to guess where I was.

After I arrive back in Ohio on October 17th, it's off to Dayton for another busy week with friends, followed by a ghost tour. Perhaps I'll stop to breathe around the 24th before the month crescendos into Samhain, or All Hallows Eve. All the while my laptop will be with me. During all my excursions, I should be letting everyone know what is happening and updating things accordingly. There is no guarantee I'll have time to post daily, but at least I'll do my best to share my experiences with you all.

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Marc said...

Heh, sounds like a busy month :) Take care of yourself and try to enjoy it as much as you can ^^

Rule #32 of zombie survival guide... "Enjoy the little things" =D

PS: How fitting... I speak of zombie and the "word verification" for my comment is 'biting'.... XD