Monday, September 28, 2009

I See a Bad Moon Rising...

It's early Monday morning, there's thunder outside and the rhythmic sound of rain falling. It may be close to dawn, but there's still enough "dark and stormy night" to make me forget all the stress, drama, and insanity of recent time and think back to Halloween's approach.

October (and all the festivities that come with it) is a time when we all want to be someone... or something... else for a little while, even just to pretend for a few hours. And what best exemplifies this desire than the shapeshifter. Werewolves and other humanoids have been a part of lore for centuries. We've been terrified by the thought of people who could become animals while the moon was full, though secretly, we all would like to have that ability: the power to change who we are and live differently for a brief time. Let's face it. None of us is completely happy with ourself or life as it is. There's something intriguing out there that catches everyone's fancy.

Still, as I always say, there's humor to be had in everything. And in light of the fact that life can get insane, overwhelming, and downright difficult, I think it's time to get a little amusement out of that inner animal inside us all. And an ingenious man online did just that... having a little fun with Shakira's song "She Wolf". I can't help but laugh watching this one. Well, ok... perhaps between chuckles I think he's not too bad to look at:

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