Monday, November 2, 2009

Crawling Out from Under...

October is finally over. And somehow, I managed to survive. Sure, I slept away the entire first day of November, but my body was trying to tell me something, aside from all these aches, pains, and utter exhaustion that still floods over me. I feel as though I've been thrown in a washing machine with a few dozen boulders. And my throat feels like I tried swallowing a grapefruit.

Boy, you're probably thinking, sounds like he sure had a fun Halloween! If only that were so. If fun involves being too exhausted to focus energy on anything for more than 5 minutes, trying to nap and failing miserably, battling the cold weather of Ohio, watching as half the people you know face automobile problems, and ending it with phone calls to police and hospitals, panicked that a family member has been in a serious accident (or possibly dead)... then, and only then, would I say yes, it was fun.

That does make it sound like I had the worst month ever, though. And I can't say that. I've met and spoke with wonderful people, traveled extensively, made new friends and contacts, and found a few times to smile and laugh genuinely. Still, there have been difficult moments. And some people have been left by the wayside as my time has been horrifyingly limited. I'm still only in the beginning phases of catching up, so hopefully I can, at least in part, make up for the many blunders and changes that've happened in these short few weeks. Only time will tell.

I do need to get back to business here on this blog too. I've had one guest blogging offer already, which pleases me to no end. Any time I can have a few people take over for a brief time and post some interesting, amusing, or humorous tidbits in keeping with the intended purpose of this blog, it's greatly appreciated. As one man, trying to write these posts along with other articles all over and future book projects, it can be difficult finding the time to remember that my own life is often kept on the wayside. I love to write on here, don't get me wrong, but after a few years of posting far more regularly, I do need a break. There are people out there I want to have some actual time with and trips I need to make or plan. And to top it all off, I have a severely difficult project on the horizon: writing a sequel to my book. It won't be easy, that's for sure... but I want to do it and refuse not to do it.

So, as the weather gets colder and more dreary here in Ohio, we'll see what happens with my cabin fever as we head into winter. One year of so much traveling and interesting adventures will certainly make matters worse. And when the first snow flies in the coming month or so, I'll probably have more time for blogging... but long for the world outside that is frozen in place until the spring thaw.

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