Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spooky Happenings in the Crescent City...

Among the many cities I'm dying (well, not literally) to visit is New Orleans. Just like the Witch City of Salem, it's a town where death seems to be a part of life. Ghosts, witches, vampires, and other nocturnal peoples seem quite at home there and the presence of hoodoo is undeniable. Every shop, bar, and hotel carries with it some fascinating, if not haunting, tale.

One such place is 5 Continents Bed & Breakfast, which I did look into and noted in the "Haunted LGBT Accommodations" section in the back of my book. While I left out some of the history and hauntings at the inn, I just might finally revisit it for the sequel. It's a beautifully-restored old home, and apparently still occupied by its original owners.

Passport Magazine visited this haunted hotspot for the Halloween season (possibly after seeing it listed on my website... I'm not trying to assume, but reporter Paul West did attempt to contact me about a story earlier this summer, but due to email issues I missed him... sorry again, Paul!) and interviewed the innkeeper as well as a paranormal team as they looked for paranormal evidence at the business.

Check out the video from Passport.TV:

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