Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You Can't Take It with You...

Less than a week away until I jet over the Unites States and cross the Pacific Ocean before touching down at Sydney International Airport beside Botany Bay. My preparations are nearly complete. Packing very light, however, has caused a lot more thought than I expected though. Maybe I'm trying to compact everything too much. And inadvertently it's getting frustrating while the clock ticks down. To have a check-in or just a carry-on? That is the question.

With regulations there are many things I can't take if I don't check in a bag. Yet I'm not bringing a whole lot with me. I'll never understand how a bottle of body wash or lighter constitutes a threat to the security of an airplane. Maybe we're a little too preoccupied with the idea of suicide bombers taking out crews and less careful of packages being sent in the cargo hold. But that's just my view.

I'll probably check in my one bag, half stuffed with bubble wrap to avoid a mess of shampoo and soap, and bring a change of clothes in a carry-on just in case the lords of luggage make a wrong turn at Albuquerque. This is the final week before I leave, only five more days remain. After this weekend you won't hear from me until I'm in Sydney (internet permitting).

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