Monday, November 1, 2010

The Countdown Begins...

Today marks the start of my countdown to Australia. My flight departs in just four short weeks. While it may sound like plenty of time, it will go by all too quickly. And as I finalize the last of my plans for the 3-city trip (Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne) I'll be discussing the queerer (and haunted) side of the continent. There's so much to see that I know I won't get to cover it all, but I shall do my best to see as much as I possibly can.

You may not realize all the connections there are between Australia and the United States. From its earliest colonial days to famous landmarks there are American origins galore. And the country is full of spooky tales (including several mysterious animals) worthy of telling. By mid-December I hope that some of you readers gain a better appreciation for the awe-inspiring country and its haunted history. I'll be meeting with some interesting people as I travel across the eastern portion of the island and I'm excited to explore some of the wonders this rare opportunity has to offer.

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