Saturday, March 4, 2006

Hope It Wasn't a Deposit Bottle...

Sorry it's been so long since my last post... I've been updating my livejournal instead at the request of a friend of mine.

Well, to bring everyone up to speed... two weeks ago, my boyfriend was drunk and high and dumped me. Simple enough, eh? Well, I stuck to it... til the weekend when I called him.

I know. Huge mistake.

He cried and begged.. so, against the better judgement of my friends (Thanks, guys.. I know.. I deserve better and need to cut the cord), I took him back on a trial basis. I told him if he can prove he wants this to work, then things would be fine.

So, that brings us to last night and today. Last night we had a wonderful dinner at Stancato's in Parma... and that's where the goodness ended. He got drunk. Then stoned when we arrived back at his home. I turned on Most Haunted. He turned it off. I turned it on. He burnt me on the cheek with his cigarette. A fight ensued. I stopped talking to him. Two strikes in one day.. not good.

Today, still not talking to him, he was upset. Then angry. Told me to go home, so I started to. Then he changed his mind. I told him I had it. I left anyway. He blew up at me. As I grabbed by bag and headed for the door, he threw a bottle of Gatorade at me. Then tried grabbing and physically fighting. I stepped out, trying to shut the door. He started following, then decided not to make himself look like an ass in front of the whole world. He threw the bottle out the door and told me never to call or see him again.

FINALLY! Yes... you can all sing "Hallelujah." LOL Well, with one exception... I forgot my cell phone charger there in my escape. Oops. I called his sister's girlfriend and left a message asking her to retrieve it for me... so we'll see. If not I'll just have to buy a new one this week. I'm sure within 2 weeks he'll contact me, crying and begging me back, but no. You don't hit me with a bottle of Gatorade and expect it all to be fine. At least have a little class.

Well, I'm free at last... still shaking from the experience, but I'll be fine in a little while... isn''t life always fascinating?


Colette said...

I'll see you tonight (saturday - march -um wtf is the date????? *grumbles*)

But *I* will see you at the risk of sounding catty I hope he is still out of th epicture because he really needed to grow up and you don't need someone with multiple addictions to babysit...

At any rate baby, call me - you know I am here for you - anytime...

...but then I will see you soon.

- grin -


Liam said...

Time to update, you knucklehead!