Friday, March 31, 2006

And The Plot Thickens.....

Well, thank goodness it's Friday!! (I thought I'd be PC for those of you whom aren't religious, or are atheist... LOL)

Work ended early, which shocked me after being told to expect a 5:00 day. So, I let the fact that the weather is miserable and wet slip out of my mind. I raced home to prepare for a movie night with my best friend... And to sneak a peek at my email, in case my Aussie friend had a chance to write...

Lo and behold, he did! And the question on my mind finally is resolved from his own words: he was "semi-serious" about marriage. Why would someone in a relationship ponder such a thing? He had three answers:
1) he would be helping out a "great guy who is keen on moving"
2) he would have a great friend close by, and
3) "when we're 81 and 86, we can say 'we've been in a civil union for 60 years'. LOL"
Actually, there is sort of a 4th... He wouldn't mind having dual citizenship....

So, I guess if the law passes, there's a high possibility I'd be finally fleeing the country... to escape Bush's America, as I tend to refer to it. Of course, there's a strong possibility the law will die, as some have here. It's not exactly a very popular law... but with England, Spain, Canada, and a few other European countries already allowing it, I think it has better chances than a law in the US would. Either way, it's an exciting prospect! But as my mother always pounded into my head, " don't count your chickens before they hatch." Wise advice I'm definitely heeding.

I went on a rather uneventful investigation yesterday. I still have over an hour of footage to review, but I doubt anything will show up on the tape. I didn't wear a coat because it was so warm, so after standing out in the wind for 2 hours, I was freezing cold. One of the girls lent me her blanket, so it helped.

So, my life is interesting and twisted.. Who knew??? But I do have a piece of advice for everyone who is reading all this and thinks it completely absurd: Life is a journey, with many twists and turns.. many forks in the road... many choices and decisions to make. When you reach the end and reflect on it all, will you be saying to yourself "there are so many things I wish I had done... If only..." or "That was an incredible experience! Sure, I didn't always make the right decisions, but I feel that I truly lived!"??

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