Monday, July 24, 2006

Back to Life.. Back to Reality....

Ok, this is absurd. I know I'm a writer and all, but now I'm juggling this blog, my old livejournal blog, and now... my Yahoo 360 blog! STOP THE INSANITY!!!!

So much has been going on lately, I've neglected my writing.. but now, I can't do that any longer. In good news, I have 2 separate local libraries scheduling me for ghost programs in October: the 18th and 25th. The 2 hour lectures will be a lot of fun, and a chance to get out and meet new people for a change...and test my stage fright! They also told me that if I finish my ghost book by then, I can sell it there. So I've decided to buckle down and try my best to finish this long-forgotten project in a month and see if I can get somewhere with it. It's time to move on to better things...

And speaking of... most of you will be happy to know I finally cut all ties with the ex. I know.... waaay too friggin late!! It had to be done though. Even my mother told me it was definitely time. I spent too much time ignoring everyone I know, including the friends I hold near and dear. Most of you have heard this story before... but this time, you have my word on it. And if I even think about going back, I expect to be slapped hard in the face!

Work has been brutal, but I'm trying to not let it kill me. I have some saving to do for February (or March) of next year. I put off my vacation for too long (the last one was in 1999) and since my friends Bill and Shawn are taking time, I figure it's my turn too. So, I'm planning my trip to Sydney, Australia a decade after first saying I would take it. Life's too short not to just go for something sometimes. I have a million places I want to see in my life, so I better get started!!

No word yet about my screenplay, but I'm not rushing things. I have a full plate right now as it is!

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Liam said...

I know how hard it can be to have a full plate. Mine is about to get a big second helping on it by going back into real estate!

I do hope to see you soon, though.

Miss you kid!