Sunday, July 9, 2006

Feed Me to the Lions

Well, I may have made the best move ever, or the biggest mistake in my short-lived writing career. I can't contain the nervous energy and regret, minced with worry and "stup, stupid, stupid" running over and over in my mind. "But it's too late, baby, now it's too late..."

Yes, I took the plunge, albeit possibly prematurely. My screenplay, "Afterglow", is right now in the hands of an employee of Lion's Gate Entertainment in California.

I started revisions after the fact, and didn't think the mutual friend would pass it along so fast. But he did. And now, I'm entering foreign territory and running with the big dogs before I'm officially paper trained.

I have a lot riding on this, btu still, tons of projects in my lap too.. so if I do fall flat on my face and become a laughing stock, I do have options to redeem myself. But when five or six figures are on the table, this is no time NOT to panic!!

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simon said...

hi there

i'd like to say you have a nice and inviting blog.

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