Monday, May 11, 2009

Cannes You Vote for Voodoo?

Normally, when browsing websites, I don't pay too much attention for people asking for votes for much of anything. But when I noticed this short film trying to make it to the Cannes Film Festival (and the dead-eyed dolls), I had to watch, click, and pass it along.

This pin-pricking animated short was filmed by Joaquin Baldwin, originally from Paraguay and currently residing in California (though he did stay for a while in Ohio for college, so I'll consider him a semi-sort-of-local artist). I have chanced across him online a few times, but never had the pleasure of talking to him directly. Which is a shame. He's very good... and the sort of person I think would be great to spend a conversation with. Besides, I have a few personal thoughts on a few possible hidden meanings/subtle nuances which have crossed my mind.

Check out the video, Sebastian's Voodoo, below and click on it to go to the YouTube site where each vote through May 20th counts!


Anonymous said...

Déjà fais :)
Je l'ai beaucoup aimé aussi, très bien fais de vue artistique et avec une coupe de message.


Monkey King said...

That's a great film! I would like to see it on the big screen. Hopefully it will turn up at the C'teque or Cedar Lee sometime this year.

Cullan Hudson said...

That was very engrossing. Two thumbs up!