Friday, September 25, 2009

Win a Copy of Queer Hauntings!

Most of you readers may not realize how much work goes into trying to find interesting stories, websites, etc. to mention in this blog. It can be tiring work. But the research and digging doesn't end there. Even when it comes to my book, finding reviews, booksellers, or anything else happening with it, that too requires a lot of research and digging. Yes... believe it or not, authors aren't told everything!

In fact, one such bit I just stumbled across may be of interest to most of you. Edge (along with its different individual city websites) often gives away a variety of tickets , DVDs, books, etc. on its website. Now, it's giving away a copy of Queer Hauntings to one lucky entrant! There isn't a deadline listed, but I wouldn't wait too long to enter. Click here to go to Edge Boston's page for the book giveaway.

Sorry, everyone, but it's not a signed copy. Although that can be arranged if you win...

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Evan~ said...

*snickers* Deadline. ;)