Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kicking Some Ectoplasmic Butt...

Everywhere you look, you'll find serious paranormal teams using serious techniques to find serious evidence of ghosts... and being way too serious. Even when it's all supposed to be in good fun with a dash of humor, too many people build whole careers--even lives--on the illusion of a flawless reputation. For what? A "real orb" photo and a strange sound on audio tape that only is completely convincing to anyone who was present at the time it was recorded? If anyone had that hard-core evidence proving beyond any doubt the existence of ghosts and spooks paranormal activity would be widely accepted as factual and science-based, not the grey area it really is. Even J. B. Rhine, one of the most respected parapsychologists of all time, believed that if anything was happening in a haunting it was merely the ability of the observer's brain to tune into past events and witness things being projected from their own mind.

But then we have the physical phenomena to take into account. Apparitions. Levitations. Light phenomena. Audible sounds able to be recorded by devices. Certainly there's some amount of deception and illusion involved in some instances. Yet a great many people have witnessed something for which there is no scientific explanation. Perhaps that's why paranormal television is so popular... as is the drive with so many ghost hunters to capture that fifteen minutes of fame and the attention they so desperately desire. But this is serious. We can't all just be namby-pamby and let the unseen world walk all over us. We need to fight back! Grab the ghoul by the gonads!

Have no fear! The Ghost Provokers are here!

You may ask yourself why (aside from the humor) I bring up a comedic spoof of Ghost Adventures here. Aside from doing a brilliant job on their first episode their storyline was certainly a little queer. But I'll let you see for yourself. Join Scott Butterfield, Dr. David Jordan, and Jim Dooley as the team tracks down (and tries their best to royally piss off) the ghost of a woman and her lesbian lover in the creepy old Wildewood Manor... well... almost.

Thanks, Cullan, for bringing this to my attention!

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