Friday, September 17, 2010

Psychic Kid Has Two Mommies...

I know I'm terrible. I've been neglecting the lesbians out there so much on my blog. It hasn't been intentional. You know how us gay men can be: thinking with parts of our anatomy below the neck, prone to emotional outbursts, a bit self-centered and shallow. It's a wonder you can tolerate us sometimes. But I have some good news! I've found some things you might be amused by, starting with a movie just in time for the Halloween season!

Imagine the little boy from Sixth Sense was actually a girl. And imagine she was being raised by lesbians. Now, toss in a crazed psychic scientist and some gore and a kidnapping/murder plot. What do you get? An interesting horror movie released last year by Lead Balloon Pictures. Written and directed by Brian Feeney, The Echo Game is a horror thriller centered around a young girl with supernatural abilities. Her mother April (played by Alisha Seaton) and her partner Casey (Jeannie Bolet) receive a letter from Rachel, a former lover thought to have been dead for 10 years. The important message sparks a chain of events involving a psychotic scientist who wants to steal the little girl's powers.

Although the child's parents are a same-sex couple, Feeney makes sure not to place too much emphasis on it. It's crafted in the style of those great 80s slasher flicks most of us remember and grew up watching so prepare yourself for plenty of gratuitous nudity and gallons of fake blood. Become a fan on Facebook or check it out on the big screen on October 25th at Spooky Movie 2010: The 5th Annual Washington, D.C. International Horror Film Festival! Hopefully it'll be released on DVD in the near future!

Watch the trailer:

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