Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Day for All Ghouls...

Break out the soul cakes. It's time again for that mysterious and spooky holiday again. Halloween is here!

Today is a day when many people will party, ring doorbells in expectation of sweet goodies, and look for a few good scares. The history of the holiday is rooted in many centuries-old traditions, beliefs, and ideas. For some religions it marks the end of one cyclical year and the beginning of the next. And many believe it is the time when the boundary between the world of the living and the hereafter is at its thinnest.

Whatever you do today, take a little time to explore the past of the holiday and enjoy whatever you may do. Perhaps spend some time in the dark with a tale or two of fright and horror. I'll be catching up on blogging this week and gearing up for my great adventure so in case you haven't had your fill of strange history and spookiness be sure to check back in the coming weeks as I delve into the wonderous―and creepier―side of Australia

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