Sunday, February 14, 2010

Even the Dead are in Love Today...

Today is the final day for the By My Valentine Blog Tour. I thank everyone who stopped by and commented and wish you luck with the book winning contests... and I hope my usual readers were a bit entertained in the process. Whether any of you wish to hear it or not, Happy St. Valentine's Day.

Love comes in all varieties, from passionately physical to kindred friendships. While I mostly covered the more physical types over the past few days, today is somewhat different. Two years ago, I wrote a blog post on love which still rings true even today. And I think it's a good time to look back on a few of the things I said back then:
Everyone wants to be loved. Some people go to extremes to have it. During moments of desperation, we forsake our own happiness... our individuality... for a pair of arms to wrap around us and feel momentarily comforted. We forget the negative aspects of bad relationships in the hope that there is a silver lining to the dark, gloomy cloud.

We forget what love is.

Love isn't about gifts of roses and chocolate. It isn't candlelit dinners for two. It isn't a house with 2.5 children and a white picket fence. Love is comfort. It's not needing to explain yourself a million times or striving for that little reassuring word or action. It's unconditional support and nurturing. It can't be wrapped with a bow. It can't be asked for.
No matter who you are, or where you're from, remember these words today. They're important. They're words to live by. In delving into the paranormal for these nearly 15 years, love is a common string. Unrequited love. Waiting for a lover to return. Dying in the name of love. So many stories of devotion and heartache, great joy and the deepest sadness. Love is a powerful force, no matter the form, and it begs to be acknowledged.

But let's end this on a lighter note. For those of you adults out there, I saved the best photo for last. So if you care to see an artist's rendering of male-on-male, ghost-and-living action, be sure to click here!


Beth said...

That is a great post about love. Great words to know and understand.

And that picture. Ooh La La. ;)

Roscoe James said...

I got in a fight with the capcha at Writing and Reading. I think I lost.

Moving right along folks. Yep. I'm the guy from the shower. Keep movin. Right through here. Sure. Autographs in chat.

lindseye said...

Love the picture. Your words are so true any time of the year and at any age.

Jeanne Barrack said...

Great picture, Ken. Incredible!!!

MarZel said...

Great Post Ken! I really enjoyed the last picture, though! Thanks.