Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ghosts and Goblins Get Down and Dirty...

Everywhere you look these days, paranormal and supernatural themes are quite popular. Some of the most talked about books and movies feature ghosts or vampires. Even on television, the inundation of witchcraft, hauntings, and monsters is extremely obvious. As a society, we love the mysterious, the unknown, and the surreal. And it reflects in everything... including subjects of a more adult nature.

Yes, believe it or not, even pornography has crossed over into these supernatural realms in the past few years.

I debated for a long time whether to touch on the subject here at Spooked! I've always tried to keep subjects humorous yet not too risqué. But in all honesty, we tend to be very sexual beings and at the same time, you can't help but laugh sometimes as these films. So now, I'd like to take a moment to finally give those of you who enjoy such things a little interesting insight into the world where porn meets the paranormal. And for those of you who wish not to subject yourself to such material, feel free to stop reading now and skip along to a different post.

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Let's start with a rather amusing movie, and the title says it all: The Haunted House on Sex Hill (2003). It seems to be a very slight nod to House on Haunted Hill in more ways than merely the title. The plot (and many of you might be surprised that there could be one) may sound familiar to fans of the Vincent Price classic. A lawyer and a realtor join forces to scare a young gay couple into believing a house in Orlando (previously owned by the aunt of one of the young gay men) is haunted. Of course, neither of the disbelieving pranksters realize the house was once a male brothel, and the arrival of a real ghosts from the house's past bring about a few scares... and the usual sexual romps one would expect with such a film.

Now let's move on to a few films directed by "Peter Z. Pan", shall we? We have two intriguing titles here to examine. First off, there's BeTwinked (2006) which, as you might guess, is a twist on the classic TV show Bewitched about the life of the young male witch Samuel (nice nod there to "Samantha") and his boyfriend Derrick in a comedic homage to the original series... with, of course, gratuitous sex. Following with the television theme, The Twink Whisperer (2008) is similarly titled after a show most of us are familiar with, The Ghost Whisperer, yet lacks any real similarity with its close namesake. the film follows a voyeuristic young ghost (and yes, the customary transparent double exposure variety we generally see in spooky flicks) from the 1920s watching gay couples and their lovemaking in Room 69 at a hotel where he died (no, not during autoerotic asphyxiation... but just as bizarre).

We'll end our strange journey on the most recent addition to our sexual and supernatural selection, a takeoff on the widely-loved books and movies about teenage vampires. The new movie Twinklight certainly appears to be a higher-budget flick than most of the previously-mentioned titles. And with it slated to be released this month, we shall see how close it comes to the storyline of Twilight. While most of these films tend to have low-budget feels to them and a rather absent "plot", I'm impressed with some of the pre-release material. And I think you will be too. Here's a taste of the work put into making this a cut above your standard adult film:

And here's a quick look behind the scenes:

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