Monday, February 8, 2010

"Notorious"... And Now Haunted?

For those of you who are fans of primetime television's supernatural series Ghost Whisperer on CBS, you may have noticed the newest cast addition is none other than gay icon and stand-up comedian Margaret Cho. She will have a recurring role as Anthropology Professor Avery Grant, a rather serious (and perhaps a bit snobbish) role which might surprise Cho fans. Most of us know her better as an outlandish and blunt funny woman instead of the weeping widow.

Her debut appearance featured her communicating with a spirit with the aid of a Ouija board, an item with which Margaret is quite familiar (and I'm jealous of her collection). It may surprise some people to know that the comedian is actually a believer in the paranormal. In fact, on her MySpace profile, it clearly states she would like to meet " bottoms, bears, paranormal investigators,..." and a slew of other fascinating people. Perhaps she is a girl after my own heart, considering I quite possibly meet all those qualifications (ok... so the first one is relative).

Here's a brief behind-the-scenes interview with the comedian on her experience with the show and her thoughts on Ouija:

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