Sunday, October 10, 2010

Going Gaga for Ghost Busting...

What's worse than being stalked by paparazzi, hounded by the media, and never having peace and quiet away from the public eye? Experiencing all this and more by the dead instead of the living. At least that seems to be the attitude of pop singer Lady Gaga.

Earlier this year, Gaga invested in some paranormal equipment and a few news sources reported that the singer asked a paranormal investigator to "cleanse" her backstage area before a show to get rid of any possible negative spirits or energies. Now she has upped the ante, doling out over $47,500 for electromagnetic field detectors. The UK-based Grazia Daily reports that she also has a team of investigators check out each and every hotel and venue before she will agree to go there.

“She believes in paranormal activity and won’t take any risks when she is on the road," an unknown source stated. "It’s important to her to be safe from spirits.” The songstress has already said in the past that she believes she's the reincarnation of her aunt Joanne who passed away when her parents were teenagers. "And when my mother was engaged to marry my father, they were staying in his house, where he grew up, and a light came into the room and touched her stomach and went away," Gaga said in an interview. "She believes that Joanne came into the room and sort of OK'd her for my dad and that Joanne transferred her spirit into my mom."

The pop diva has spent lavish amounts of money on various things in the past and recent reports say she's looking at buying a castle in the United Kingdom for her next big purchase. Perhaps that's not the best investment for someone so paranoid over spirits! Good luck finding an old fortress without any ghostly legends, Gaga.

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Reena said...

I am a Lady Gaga fan and I am pleased to hear that she has an open mind about paranormal phenomenon. I did read the article on Rolling Stone about her Aunt and how her aunt also loved music when she was still alive.