Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Spookiest Season of All...

October is finally getting underway, which means people are getting in the right mindset for Halloween. This has been a very busy time of me for the past several years but this year I'm trying to finally take some time to enjoy it. When you are involved with the paranormal there isn't too much time to appreciate the holiday. It's very similar to working retail before Christmas. Most people burn out and by the time it arrives they just want it over with. Sadly it can feel the same year after year doing countless events at spooky places, book signings, lectures, ghost hunts, etc. This year I've given myself a lighter load so I can actually step back and enjoy my favorite time of year.

But that's not the only reason. September was tumultuous for me, what with planning out some things and trying to step around the many pitfalls and snags which have plagued me. And now that October is here the cycle is continuing. My stress level is through the roof and with several things I feel like I'm trapped in limbo. It could be worse; I could be exploring the layers of Hell described by Dante. I'll settle for this never-ending waiting room I find myself in. It's as though someone pressed "PAUSE" on my life's remote and time races onward. There is so much to do yet everything is hinging on some other event first. It's the suspense while waiting for a row of dominoes to fall.

And so begins a wild, uncertain month for me. Between the candy corn and occasional event, I will try to update as much as possible. Once some more plans are finalized I'll be letting everyone know the latest on what's happening. This week is the library talk at Cuyahoga Falls Library and I have a few radio show interviews possibly scattered throughout the month. I'm also likely helping out with an event planned by a friend and fellow investigator in the area. I'll inform you all about these things as they progress. As for my end-of-the-year adventures, things are on unstable ground at the moment. I may be changing plans around as time draws closer. However, I remain optimistic that the Australia voyage will happen. A lot could happen in the next two months yet a little stubborn determination can go a long way.


Khrys said...

I hope the season brings you less stress. Halloween is also my favorite time of year, even more than Christmas and other holidays, and I love when others enjoy it too.

Buck said...

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Unfortunately, the time I spent in the paranormal field nearly ruined it. Halloween is lovely for the fantasy it brings but people involved in the paranormal and the paranormal groupies take it far too seriously. Instead of throwing up some great decorations and throwing a party they all try to schedule some money making venture (tours, "LIVE investigations", classes in "How-To Hunt Ghosts", etc.) or all try to pitch their latest TV show project in hopes of a development deal or being plucked into the world of GH, GHI, GA,

It's all so utterly mind numbing. My only regret since leaving the absurdity of "investigation" is that I am still in the Southwest where Halloween feels like Summer and no seems to care much for traditions like Trick or Treat.