Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Agony of Defeet (sic)

Another weekend has come and gone. Although this one was far more dull than most others. With my family out of town, I was caught in the clutches of cat sitting for the better part of the weekend, feeling trapped and confined and wishing I were anywhere but home. Both myself and my boyfriend were frustrated that we didn't get hardly any time to spend together, so it's made for a difficult start to the week.

Yesterday, we did head out to the mall after work for a little shopping. I finally made an important purchase: new shoes! Sketchers were on sale, and he convinced me to go with brown, after a long debate over whether or not it would "clash" with any of my clothing. I gave in and bought them anyway. We then had dinner at Friday's and headed back for home, after visiting his mother in the hospital.

That night, he had a bit of a breakdown in front of me. The stress of his family and feeling like he hasn't accomplished anything yet in his life finally sent him over, ranting and raving and losing his temper at everything. I was patient and finally calmed him down. We talked for a good hour about everything going on in his mind and mine. The rest of the night went smoothly, before another early morning of me going off to work. Such is the life of a bread-winner, I guess!

Today's been rather difficult for me though. We talk every day on the phone when I get home from work. Today shouldn't have been any exception, except for a glitch: his phone at home has been "temporarily disconnected"; in other words, with his mother in the hospital, no one bothered to pay the phone bill. So, for the past several hours, I've been trying to keep my mind off of worrying about if he's ok. Knowing how stressed he already is, combined with his one lifeline cut off, and adding in the fact that his friend Nick cancelled on him without telling him... I tend to fear the worst. I'm hoping he went to visit his mother in the hospital and tell her about the phone, possibly call his father from there and inform him, so it can be turned back on. Otherwise, all I can do is wait until either tomorrow or Friday when i get a chance to see him again. I know he wouldn't do anything stupid, but I fear for his sanity above all else. He has no means of escape at this very moment... no drugs, alcohol, car, phone, internet, reliable friends,...

I just hope when I get to see him soon he's relatively stable and not a mental case. To add to it, my friend Steve called and left a message that he was heading to the hospital-and from my experience with him, that's never a good thing. Needless to say, sleep might be a difficult option for me tonight. So much going on, and not a damned thing I can do about any of it....

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