Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Screwball in the Side Pocket

Well, last night was very fun indeed. A friend and I played pool and watched a drag show at the Interbelt Nite Club. Isn't it interesting how a bad week can draw you to places you really didn't care for anymore? Perhaps it's a little defiance...

Contrary to unpopular opinion, it wasn't empty. It was pretty crowded for a weeknight. Hmm.. what other things have I heard aren't true? Only the shadow knows!!!

I watched my friend dance his ass off... literally... and was very amused. He thought i was bored, but it was just a very full day so I was completely drained by 2 AM. We talked about our boyfriends and personal and relationship issues we each have. It was good to just talk and vent for a change. Good, fun, level-headed friends who aren't snobs of music nazis are hard to come by, and i'm glad to know him. We all need people we can talk to and who can talk about things other than fashion or gossip or Armani Exchange... and don't use the word "yummy" to describe everything wonderful.

Back to life. Back to reality.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

You're Not a New York City Boy

After having breakfast, I went out for a cigarette to examine the effects of last night's "blizzard". Snow-covered streets and a stinging cold wind, but nothing earth-shattering. A cute guy passed by walking a black dog past the hotel. I couldn't help but stare. I returned upstairs to find my friend was in the shower. He came out and wanted me to go to breakfast with him downstairs. Though I already ate and was suffering from the effects of 72 hours without any alone time, I obliged. I drank a couple cups of coffee and returned to the room with him determined to get some work done on the rewrite of my book.

Fat chance of that!

I guess i'm just odd, but I can't stand to spend 24 hours a day with someone for 4 days in a row. I need space and privacy: neither of which exist in NYC. To top it all off, I can't concentrate on writing something down with channels flipping, radios blaring, and people asking me things every 5 minutes. And no, I don't want to go shopping... in the sense of being broke and watching someone else drool over clothing and spend a nauseating amount of money of 400 shades of pink. Honestly, what point is there to shopping if you can'y buy anything??

I've made up my mind I'm not leaving the room til I get something written. If he doesn't leave, then I'll just have to go write in the lobby.

Only 24 hours left in this city... thank GAWD!!! If it were any longer, I wouldn't be accountable for someone or something "slipping" out the window and plummeting to the sidewalk below. I'd be kind enough to try to aim for the scaffolding to give them a sporting chance though.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Manhattan Island Life

Last night I went out to a club called Plaid in NYC. Apparently, it's closing in a week, but it's ok by me. Lots of pretty boys but a very uncomfortable experience. I didn't dance, didn't socialize... just sat or stood, arms crossed or on my lap, feeling completely out of my element. At 3:30 AM we went to visit my friend's friend 'Breeze' who lives in one of the last squats in NYC near Alphabet City. We talked about how the clubs have changed and the reality behind "Party Monster" (both of them knew the real killer Michael Aleg (sp) and had strong opinions of him and what he did, not only to Angel and the countless men who's lives he ruined but clubs like Soundfactory and the whole underground scene back in the day.) We went on from there to a smaller, fabulous club called Darklight, playing loud house musicand having a very Edgar Allen Poe look to the place.

By 7 am I was too tired to care though and we crashed back at the hotel. Today, we had a late start: dinner at China Fun on Columbus Ave., followed by waiting at the hotel til 10 to go to the West Village (apparently going out early is some sort of sin in New York.) A small bar called the Pyramid was having 1984 night, featuring Erasure and Pet Shop Boys - how could I resist?? I finally let go and, yes, I danced.

We left around 12:30 and on the taxi ride back, NYC finally didn't feel all bad. Sure, it's busy, fast-paced, and crowded, but every place is what you make of it. Every city has a niche for anyone to fit into. You just have to find your groove and let go a bit.

Big snow storm tomorrow so I should do writing tomorrow! MUST STAY PRODUCTIVE!