Wednesday, March 30, 2005

All Roads Lead to Parma

Well, if you haven't heard, the answers to all life's mysteries and the key to the end of the world can be found, of all places, in Parma.

While browsing eBay tonight, just wasting time, I cane across a fascinating item up for bid. I'm assuming it's a manuscript... translated no doubt from gibberish judging by the person's complete lack of understanding for the English language. What is it, you may ask? Apparently a book which will unravel "all of life's mysteries", written by the second coming of Adam.

Really? Why did he pick Parma? Isn't Hudson a far more Edenesque atmosphere? Did the perogies prove to be too much of a temptation?

Well, descriptions are utterly lacking, and an explanation for it... well, if you can understand it, you deserve a gold star. With only hours left on bidding, it's a wonder why someone hasn't snagged the key to life itself for the petty price tag of $1,000,000.

Such a small price to pay for everlasting damnation, isn't it?

Hump Day Block

Another wednesday, another excuse not to be writing. LOL

Well, it's nice that Ohio decided to bless us with a summer day... too bad they're calling for snow saturday. Will they ever make up their minds???

My writing is coming along barely. LOL 19k words at present. The rough draft is finished, and in need of a major overhaul. after reading a bit more, I realized I haven't introduced the victim before the murder! Sheesh.. it's not a necessity, but they recommend it. Looke likt I'll need to add another chapter. At least it'll put me closer to my goal! So many options for it too... and a better chance to draw in the reader.

The storyline is still turning out well. Once I get my copy of "Jung and Tarot", it will help me add a little bit more meanings and hidden messages into the story, as well as intertwine things better. Have to read to write, as they say!

Had an interesting thing happen a few days ago too. I was cleaning out an old notebook and founf 4 pages I wrote for a story over 4 years ago. It was going to be a book about a psychic. Even though it never came to fruition, I think it will make a perfect beginning for "Apparatus", the second book in the series. (Hey, now, get your minds out of the gutter... it's NOT about THAT KIND of apparatus!!!)

I'm also reading "Land of Echoes" by Daniel Hecht in my spare time now... it's definitely a good book thus far. I'll give him credit, he had a wonderful way of writing, and some very creative ideas for storylines. Kudos to you, Daniel! (As if he'll be reading this anyway.. lol)

Well, it's so beautiful outside. I think I shall enjoy some of the day, reading in the sun, then writing on my book tonight. I'll have to pose a new challenge for myself... setting a goal for how much to have finished tonight. Perhaps The new beginning chapter and the rewrites for chapter 1.....

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn....

Well, last night, I made the mistake of looking at the journal of a former friend. I'm glad he's doing well, but certain posts about past events were a bit upsetting. I guess everyone's entitled to their own view of things. We all put our own slant on everything and sometimes twist facts to make ourselves victorious in an unpleasant time.

Life moves on though, and the past stays in the past. Some coffins are best left six feet under.

I've finally started writing the first draft of my mystery today. One chapter down, who knows how many to go! As of noon, the count is 1560 words and 5 pages. It's about 1% of the total draft, but it's a start. I'll keep up on the momentum and plow through it as much as possible. I'm not looking back over the draft until I finish it. Going back will only slow me down.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Eureeka!!!! (And Not the Vacuum)

Well, I've finished the outline/stepsheet and gotten back all my feedback on it.. and it's a go!! Just had to make a couple alterations to it for clarification purposes...

So now, this week, I can start the writing process. It's amazing sometimes to see how in a month you can go from inspiration to finished outline. My goal of one more month for a finished first draft is possible, though I'm giving myself 2 months for safe measure.

My sister gave me plenty of compliments on my work, which is good since she's very sincere. She thinks it's about time there was a gay character to lead a murder mystery series who isn't stereotypical. She thinks I'm "tapping into a new genre." My best friend Bill liked it, and so did my friend Walter who's a writer... so I think I've hit a good one this time.

Saturday, March 5, 2005

The More You Know...

Well, yet again I've successfully avoided writing anything at all for an entire day! *bows* Thank you, thank you....

Today was "go nuts on books" day for me, apparently. I bought a few Carl Jung works to enlighten myself occasionally, as well as a new Christopher Rice novel: "Light Before Day." I'll get to those eventually. One other purchase was something I'd been wanting to get but completely forgot: a biography of the poet Hart Crane. I've always been curious to find out about the life of a gay writer growing up in the small Ohio town of Garrettsville. Should be quite interesting! As for my hope to find a hardcover version of anything by Daniel Hecht... no such luck. They're all sold out. I guess I'll have to look online.

Well, I'm determined to start the outline before i get too tired, so I'd better read and start roughing it out now, while I have the time!

Friday, March 4, 2005

Ask Me How Do I Feel....

Well, I'm drinking St. Johns Wort tea right now. That about sums it up.

I think today was a bit manic from me. I went from figuring out the storyline for my novel to ambivalent towards everything to chipper at the pleasant experience at my bank (Navy Federal Credit Union... the only decent establishment who actually gives a damn about their customers), to now... just... *sigh*

I sometimes wonder where there swings come from. Must be chemical.... yeah, a "chemical imbalance" that some pill somewhere cures for $300 a bottle. I HATE medication and don't believe in it most of the time, so I'd rather do without and just "suck it up." Pioneers didn't see shrinks or talk about "acid reflux" my the fire at night. It existed, but people just dealt with it. Everything didn't need a name and a drug. Sick was sick, well was well, and depression was a bout of melancholia.

My friend Bill invited me to go bowling tonight, but i just wasn't quite feeling up to it, lack of transportation aside. Sometimes I feel like a burden to my friends being without a set of wheels of my own. It bothers me to a huge degree. Public transportation would be a godsend and make it so much easier, but thanks for the federal government and the automobile industry, public transportation is dead in this country. Bill truly is my best friend and I am thrilled to know him and have someone I enjoy spending time with, but there's always that lingering "you're a deadbeat" feeling inside me. LOL I want to be able to foot the bill more often.

In other news, the storyline for the novel is complete. Time to start the outline, right on schedule. This project has brought me a lot of joy already, as well as a form of escapism, losing myself in my work. I'm not letting it turn me into a recluse though. To write a good story means to live a full life. I need to live, try new things, travel, mingle with locals,... 'live a full life.' through this character, I plan on traveling for follow-up books, includig London, Montreal, Provincetown, Seattle, Phoenix,... maybe even Prague. Hey, if I'm an author it's a business expense and I can write it off. lol

Well, time to get some work done on the outline and snap out of it. The tea's almost gone... and in the immortl words of Eyeore, "Thanks for noticin' me..."

If anyone reads this, that is...