Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nothing to See Here...

So far, most of my trip has been dodging rain showers, therefore I haven't quite been able to film anything outdoors. And I'm heading out on a journey starting this evening, so perhaps I'll get to it eventually. Worst-case scenario, I'll record a clip in the final days of my voyage when Marc is at work and I'm flying solo.

I would type more, but I need to prepare for the trip... and these bloody Francophone keyboards are tricky to get used to!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One of Those Crazy Months...

And suddenly, three weeks vanish. Who knew?

It has been a busy time, so I regret having neglected this blog, but hopefully it's not becoming a permanent thing! Working on final details with the book (which is still coming out this fall... September), travels, other little side projects here and there... all these things have distracted me. Life has distracted me.

Last weekend, I tagged along with SIGHT of Ohio to an event at Akron's Civic Theatre. I presented the history for a paranormal investigation, opened to the public. It was a good turnout and I enjoyed myself... but with fielding so many questions and doing so many things, I didn't have much chance to explore for myself. That's the downside of being involved behind the scenes at an event: you can't participate. Still, I usually don't mind that. Sometimes, I want to sit back and enjoy a nice ghost walk or presentation, but there are times I'd rather be involved in the production itself and left out of the details.

In just a few hours, I'm leaving for Ottawa for three weeks, with a brief stay in Montreal thrown in for good measure. It won't all be a vacation, but it'll be an adventure. And, time and energy permitting, I will be blogging from there this time! But to spare you all the boredom of merely reading about these places and things to do, I'm thinking I just might give video blogging a try. So if all goes well, expect a taste of haunted Ottawa... perhaps even a brief Montreal clip too.

Otherwise, I'll be back in mid-August... hopefully with updates and new information!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Creepy Queer Photo Ops...

Sorry again for the prolonged silence! Busy, busy, busy! meanwhile, here's a little Flickr find that caught my attention. Makes me think of a haunted gay club... this really should be titled "Demon is a Dancer".

poptastic ghost

Hopefully, I'll have some more updates to fill everyone in on very soon. I'll be gone later this month to a wedding, so I'll try to find time whenever possible to let you all know I'm still alive...

...or am I?