Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hitting the Frozen Air Waves...

Ohio winters can be unpredictable and depressing... and this year has failed to disappoint in those respects. Snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain, fog, bitter cold, mild warmth. We've experienced it all in northeast Ohio just within the past few weeks. And the dismal gloom of it all weighs on my mind far too often... yet I have managed to keep myself preoccupied occasionally.

For one, I've been getting some enjoyment out of my new iPod Touch (thanks to Yahoo and their Year in Review contest). I can now listen to podcasts anywhere I go, including my previous interview with Beyond Ghosts Interactive Paranormal and my recent talk with Island Ghost Radio. You can subscribe to both on iTunes and download the latest several shows. Click the image below too listen to the Island Ghost Radio interview (I'm in the second half hour).


And the radio show season seems to be kicking in for me! This coming Sunday, I'll be returning to the Kode n' Nyte Show on Nyte's Realm Radio. So be sure to tune in at 8:00 PM EST for all the alcohol-fueled insanity. And don't forget to have your teleshots handy! I'll be sticking around DJ Kode and DJ Nyte for a few days, hopefully to accomplish that investigation of their house without any glitches this time as well as a possible overnight investigation of a residence east of Cleveland. And who knows... I might be dropping by a haunted Cleveland gay bar on Saturday too!

I do have one other bit of good news to share. My book was reviewed in the winter edition of the American Library Association's GLBTRT Newsletter. I'm all for more libraries carrying Queer Hauntings, especially since buying isn't always an option for people in our dreadful economy. And if you wish for your library to carry it, just fill out a patron request at your nearest branch so they know to see about obtaining a copy.

This year could very well turn out to be an interesting one. I'm still in pursuit of more stories for the sequel to Queer Hauntings, so I welcome any input from anyone worldwide. And there is a good chance I might be doing some traveling over this year once more, but I won't go into detail until anything is definite. Of course, I have set my sights on making it to Australia in the not-too-distant future, so I'm making it my goal this year to at least have plans finalized before the year is over. It's a trip overdue for 15 years now... sometimes, life is too short not to throw caution to the wind and make all your dreams a reality. Yes, money is definitely an issue, but I do believe that with enough work and determination, you can accomplish anything.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Seeking Spirits with Pride...

So a lot of people are a bit puzzled by some of the cryptic allusions I've made to upcoming projects in my life. Well, I'll give you all a bit of insight into one in particular. Not long ago, while doing my usual searches for interesting stories and possible ghosts for my next book, I stumbled across a paranormal group based in California, Antelope Valley Ghost Hunters. They are quite possibly the only visible and exclusively LGBT paranormal team anywhere... well, save for The Scary Marys.

Sometimes calling themselves "Family Paranormal", they tried unsuccessfully to capture the attention of a network station but haven't given up yet. I have spoken with the founder, Teresa Parker (who has formed BirdPark Productions), and she's quite a nice and knowledgeable person. Yet again, though, I'm never in the right place... but hopefully, I'll have a chance to tag along with the gang at some point in the future.

And it just might happen some time soon, but that's as much as I'm at liberty to talk about at this time. I'd rather not say too much too soon, just in case plans fall through. I've learned that from experience. But from what I've heard, they're an enthusiastic and great bunch of people, so I definitely hope the tentative speculative plans being made do come to fruition. It's been a while since I've been out west anyway, and I just might get to see a few friends of mine on the way.

But without further babbling, let's see the group in action, shall we? Here's a clip from one of their investigations and a little encounter with a not-so-nice male entity: