Monday, November 13, 2006

Perpetually in Neutral

So, I'm terrible at keeping current with updates... what else is new??

My first book, Haunted Cuyahoga, is frozen at 8 sold copies. Ouch, that smarts a little. But in all fairness, I've been neglecting my duties setting up with distributors, so I'm to blame for this.. as per usual. There's just never enough time in the day, and my day job leaves me exhausted and frustrated so much of the time that I do in fact forget to try for my great escape.

In one week, my significant other and I will officially be celebrating 2 years together. Time flies when you're (attempting to but rarely succeeding in) having fun! I know many people are shocked... as am I... and it's still a constant battle. Anti-depressants for him would make life so much easier. Or is it just the fact that he's a Gemini?

I am excited though. No matter what happens, this spring is my chance at a much-needed vacation. I'm returning to London, since it's been 7 years, and hopefully starting on my goal of one vacation a year. I'm already gathering a list of cities I hope to get a chance to visit after this: Montreal, Sydney, Prague, Dublin, Bucharest (both Hungary and Romania), Cologne, etc. Money will be tight, but it'll be worth it. I need a little inspiration to get me back into the artistic mindset.

That's about all though. Nothing much happens. I've wanted to go out on another ghosthunt, but time hasn't been kind to me... and now the weather's getting downright horrid. So much to focus on, and no time or concentration to do it...