Friday, October 30, 2009

Out With the Old...

In light of new projects coming my way (and since Halloween/Samhain is also the new year in certain religions), I've decided to take Haunted Cuyahoga off the market soon. And by soon, I mean after selling ONE more copy. (I'm notified of every sale, so I can do that.) Yes, just one... making a grand total of printed copies 266. Why? Well, it's time to move on for me. New things on the horizon... letting go of some of the past that's weighing down this suitcase of life I carry with me. It's been three years since this little venture, and I'd like to lay it to rest...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Home is Where the Tell-Tale Heart Is...

So, I'm back in northeast Ohio after a LONG hiatus. What a trip—er, trips—it's been. I feel like the last two weeks, I haven't had much time to sit still for long, let alone digest everything. From Salem (an incredible city... thanks to everyone there who made my trip enjoyable and the many new friends I made along the way) and my first-ever book signing at Cornerstone Books to Dayton (as well as Yellow Springs where two bookstores now carry Queer Hauntings) and my wonderful friends, both distant and close, there who kept me on my toes. I haven't even unpacked yet, but I did take the time to make a Halloween tree and decorate my window a little, just to cheer myself up from the exhaustion for a little while.

I have so much to get done, I'm not sure how long it will be before I have the time to write a regular blog entry. It might be time to finally create that team of bloggers to help me keep Spooked! active during my more busy times. I promised myself I would have a book signing in my own area before trying to tackle other signings elsewhere. I have a place in mind, but I need to make some calls and see what's happening.

Otherwise, much to my surprise and chagrin, it has been a good month for press. Although I had to decline a few media events due to my hectic schedule, Toronto's Autumnplay Magazine featured an article about the book and I. But that's not all; just yesterday, I was told that Instinct Magazine reviewed my book this month. I still need too get my hands on a copy! It may not have been long or 5 stars but till, it's exciting.

Having said that, this neck ache is creeping up my spine and giving me a headache, so I shall bid you all adieu. I'll be back soon, hopefully, if time permits. There's too much to do, but right now it's time to take some aspirin and watch the twinkling ghost lights dance around my window frame...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

No Need for Broom Closets....

For starters... Happy National Coming Out Day!! I know, I didn't realize until just now. Sorry! My mind has been elsewhere!

Well, Salem has been everything I thought it would be. And above all else, the entire month of October is one, long Halloween for this town. There isn't another city on earth I can think of where zombies, vampires, and other costumes are seen daily on the street. Of course, fighting your way through the crowd is another matter. It's a madhouse around here.

I'll have to update about my entire trip when I get back. I want to devote some time to everything here in the best way that I can, with enough rest for my bones and less aches and pains from hours on the streets. I have so many businesses to talk about... interesting people to mention (beyond Jeffrey Justice, who has been a dear even though he's run ragged with work... stay tuned for a Supernatural Spotlight featuring him) and photos to share (I know I'll max out my monthly allowance of photos on Flickr for sure). I've been trying to avoid being a tourist, but it's difficult not to be.

I'm down to the last 5 copies of my book already, and I've only been here three days! Let's hope they last me through it all. I wasn't expecting this much. I dropped off two copies at The Magic Parlor yesterday and they both sold within 24 hours! We shall see how long the 10 signed copies there now last. Otherwise, I've met some amusing people, had some interesting conversations, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. People are far more receptive about Queer Hauntings than the naysayers would care to believe. And if all goes well, aside from a few radio show/podcast interviews I have coming up thanks to some good people I've met, I might even be talking at a university in the coming months!

It's all so exciting, wonderful, and yet exhausting. But for now, I'm signing off from the Witch City. It will be a very long week...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

(Un)Dead Man Walking...

Welcome to October... or, as I prefer to think of it, that time of year when suddenly everyone thinks about ghosts, ghouls, and hauntings only to forget about them after Halloween. Those of us dealing with the dead generally feel it's "just another day at the office" and sometimes scoff at the sudden interest. Although there is one exception to it being like the rest of the year: everyone wants you to be everywhere at once for the whole 31 days.

Honestly, I haven't had what you might call a laid-back October in a few years now. I miss the days when Halloween was something to look forward to instead of the last night and a mile marker for that next chance to take a deep breath, kick off your shoes, and relax. But this is what I've chosen, because I love the paranormal. So I won't complain... though I might try my best to find mild ways of enjoying myself between gigs.

And this month is going to be action-packed for me. I'm gone to Cleveland this weekend to conduct an investigation at a haunted place, followed by an appearance on The Kode 'N Nyte Show on NRR Radio on Sunday to talk ghosts, have fun, and give away a copy of Queer Hauntings. Then I have a few days of down time, hopefully having coffee with a friend, before taking my great adventure east to Salem, the Witch City!

Thankfully traveling via Amtrak again (I love rail travel... so relaxing), I'll be arriving in Boston on October 8th where I'll meet with Jeffrey Justice, who has been tirelessly helping me plan events in Salem for my week-long stay. I don't have a full schedule yet to give you all, but you can be sure I'll be poking around town, popping up in some of the expected (and more unexpected) places. If you happen to be in the area, check with your local bookstores and see if I'll be popping by... I know Cornerstone Books is on my list for the 15th!

Although it is mainly intended to be a "business" trip, that doesn't mean I'm not planning on enjoying myself. If money permits, I'll be having a nice celebratory beverage at some night spot with Jeffrey and I'll be taking plenty of photographs throughout my stay. I''m even planning an excursion to a haunted New England site as research for the sequel to Queer Hauntings (yes, I'm already working on that slowly). Perhaps I'll take a few interesting photos and have a little contest here... letting my dear readers try to guess where I was.

After I arrive back in Ohio on October 17th, it's off to Dayton for another busy week with friends, followed by a ghost tour. Perhaps I'll stop to breathe around the 24th before the month crescendos into Samhain, or All Hallows Eve. All the while my laptop will be with me. During all my excursions, I should be letting everyone know what is happening and updating things accordingly. There is no guarantee I'll have time to post daily, but at least I'll do my best to share my experiences with you all.