Sunday, March 13, 2005

Eureeka!!!! (And Not the Vacuum)

Well, I've finished the outline/stepsheet and gotten back all my feedback on it.. and it's a go!! Just had to make a couple alterations to it for clarification purposes...

So now, this week, I can start the writing process. It's amazing sometimes to see how in a month you can go from inspiration to finished outline. My goal of one more month for a finished first draft is possible, though I'm giving myself 2 months for safe measure.

My sister gave me plenty of compliments on my work, which is good since she's very sincere. She thinks it's about time there was a gay character to lead a murder mystery series who isn't stereotypical. She thinks I'm "tapping into a new genre." My best friend Bill liked it, and so did my friend Walter who's a writer... so I think I've hit a good one this time.

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