Tuesday, March 15, 2005

To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn....

Well, last night, I made the mistake of looking at the journal of a former friend. I'm glad he's doing well, but certain posts about past events were a bit upsetting. I guess everyone's entitled to their own view of things. We all put our own slant on everything and sometimes twist facts to make ourselves victorious in an unpleasant time.

Life moves on though, and the past stays in the past. Some coffins are best left six feet under.

I've finally started writing the first draft of my mystery today. One chapter down, who knows how many to go! As of noon, the count is 1560 words and 5 pages. It's about 1% of the total draft, but it's a start. I'll keep up on the momentum and plow through it as much as possible. I'm not looking back over the draft until I finish it. Going back will only slow me down.

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