Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hump Day Block

Another wednesday, another excuse not to be writing. LOL

Well, it's nice that Ohio decided to bless us with a summer day... too bad they're calling for snow saturday. Will they ever make up their minds???

My writing is coming along barely. LOL 19k words at present. The rough draft is finished, and in need of a major overhaul. after reading a bit more, I realized I haven't introduced the victim before the murder! Sheesh.. it's not a necessity, but they recommend it. Looke likt I'll need to add another chapter. At least it'll put me closer to my goal! So many options for it too... and a better chance to draw in the reader.

The storyline is still turning out well. Once I get my copy of "Jung and Tarot", it will help me add a little bit more meanings and hidden messages into the story, as well as intertwine things better. Have to read to write, as they say!

Had an interesting thing happen a few days ago too. I was cleaning out an old notebook and founf 4 pages I wrote for a story over 4 years ago. It was going to be a book about a psychic. Even though it never came to fruition, I think it will make a perfect beginning for "Apparatus", the second book in the series. (Hey, now, get your minds out of the gutter... it's NOT about THAT KIND of apparatus!!!)

I'm also reading "Land of Echoes" by Daniel Hecht in my spare time now... it's definitely a good book thus far. I'll give him credit, he had a wonderful way of writing, and some very creative ideas for storylines. Kudos to you, Daniel! (As if he'll be reading this anyway.. lol)

Well, it's so beautiful outside. I think I shall enjoy some of the day, reading in the sun, then writing on my book tonight. I'll have to pose a new challenge for myself... setting a goal for how much to have finished tonight. Perhaps The new beginning chapter and the rewrites for chapter 1.....

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