Friday, April 8, 2005

100 Fascinating Facts About Me

Ok, my friend Bill did this so I thought I'd give it a try.. might take me a while to finish it!

1. When I was 3, I thought my sister was my twin... even though she was 2 years older than me in reality.
2. I investigate ghosts.
3. I'm infatuated with all things British.
4. As a child, I wanted to become a train engineer.
5. In 4th grade, my favorite author was Agatha Christie.
6. I have been to 3 psychologists in my life; none of them helped me with anything at all.
7. I would go insane without music.
8. I'm still a bit afraid of the dark.
9. I believe I have seem ghosts before.
10. I have always wanted to go through past-life regression.
11. I read tarot cards.
12. I hated coffee until I started working at Starbucks in college.
13. I worked at an art gallery for about a year.
14. Tea is my drink of choice.
15. My favorite color is teal blue.
16. I fractured my wrist in middle school after slipping on wet stone in a quarry.
17. I broke my leg about a year ago after slipping on a patch of black ice.
18. My first pet was a Golden Retriever/Irish Setter mix named "Gumby".
19. I am an incessant worrier.
20. I was born on the same day the Titanic sank (not the same year though!)
21. I had one true attempt at suicide in my life. Pills. Lots of them.
22. A colored pencil drawing of mine was auctioned off at Art Fron the Heart, an AIDS benefit.
23. For a year, I blamed myself for the suicide of a college friend.
24. I've always wanted to make a movie.
25. I have traveled to several states: Maine, Massachussetts, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Virginia.
26. In college, I drove to Texas non-stop, after telling my mother I was spending the weekend in Kent.
27. I was on Channel 8 news in college on a segment about hate speech on the Kent State Campus.
28. I was in mixed choir, chamber choir, and show choir in high school.
29. I never kissed anyone until my freshman year of college... same with sex.
30. I went to a rave in college. (Yes, I tried exctasy.)
31. I started smoking when I was 21.
32. My first true crush was in college. It lead to an argument and we didn't speak for over a year.
33. I love them smell of burning coal, burning peat, and ocean water.
34. I've been to Paris twice and hated it both times.
35. I've traveled to London for a week, and shopped at the infamous Harrod's.
36. I attended the March on Washington for gay rights.
37. I have dabbled in Wicca.
38. I read carl Jung's work with psychology as an amusement.
39. I have seen RuPaul live on stage.
40. I have only attended one concert: Barenaked Ladies at the Gund Arena.
41. I love to cook.
42. Skeletons scare the hell out of me.
43. I used to collect rocks and minerals.
44. I love birds, especially parrots.
45. I love British comedy.
46. My favorite band is the Pet Shop Boys.
47. I have seen every "Murder, She Wrote" episode; I was a huge fan as a child.
48. I studied poisons as a child (yes, I was demented.)
49. I believe in reincarnation.
50. I tend to be obsessed with clocks and time.
51. I was considered mentally slow in grade school because i would stutter when reading aloud to the class. (Shyness and nervousness)
52. I had a precognitive dream of my parent's divorce years before it happened.
53. I memorized the movie "Clue" as a child, though i've forgotten a lot of it since.
54. I have a scar on my left arm from a VERY deep cat scratch.
55. I cried more than my mother did when I came out.
56. I still take St. Johns Wort to maintain emotional harmony.
57. I use to raise orchids.
58. I collected Wedgewood jasperware for 15 years.
59. Grey eyes and black hair make me weak in the knees.
60. I am deathly afraid of heights.
61. I played with a Ouija board once with my sister, trying to contact John Lennon. The clear day turned cloudy instantly and it hailed for a minute.
62. My first boyfriend dumped me at 3 AM over the phone on my birthday.
63. I hate guns, unless they're old flinklocks.
64. I've never met a psychic who told me something that actually did or would happen.
65. I don't have much trust and faith in humanity.
66. My 7th grade English teacher thought I plaigarized a story I wrote for class.
67. I love to design and do landscaping.
68. I always wanted to become a photographer, specializing in landscapes and male nudes. lol
69. I hate being in photographs.
70. I am definitely unpatriotic.
71. I tend to feel uncomfortable around most straight people.
72. I've worn boots instead of tennis shoes for over 5 years now.
73. I have only been in one physical fight in my life, and I lost.
74. I collect historical occult memorabilia.
75. I have been looking into a correlation between orb colors and auras ("orb color theory" as I call it) for about 4 years now.
76. I have been on the only legal investigation of Cleveland's haunted "Franklin Castle."
77. I totalled my second car, a black 2000 Honda Civic, when I hit a patch of gravel on a hill and rolled down into a small ravine.
78. I experienced unusual activity associated with Creole voodoo in a Louisiana cemetery.
79. I have never attached myself to any religious demonination.
80. I have lived in Northfield, Masillon, Columbus, Kent, and Akron, Ohio as well as Shreveport, Louisiana.
81. I love thunderstorms and lightning.
82. I have dated two former porn stars.
83. I have not formulated any opinions as to the existance of werewolves and vampires.
84. I once dated a Romanian from Transylvania.
85. I love sailing, but have a fear of drowning in open water.
86. I am fascinated by old coffins.
87. I hope to tour all of Europe some day.
88. I have always wanted to have an Aboriginal 'walkabout.'
89. I love old brick homes, pre-1910.
90. I have always felt older than I am.
91. I have never lived completely alone and am not sure I would want to.
92. My favorite car is a 1967 Austin Healey 3000 Mark III.
93. I love stained glass.
94. I have a crush on 2 straight friends.
95. Most male members of my family have had heart attacks before 40.
96. I love sugar maple trees in the fall.
97. I've done drag 3 times for Halloween.
98. I'm a bit of a pyromaniac... love fire a bit too much.
99. I really do believe that all the world is a stage, but there are too many bad actors and lousy directors in it.
100. I have a long fuse with most things that bother or irritate me, but once that fuse is burnt up, your ass is grass and I'm a lawn mower! TOWANDA!!!!!!

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Liam said...

Love the list. I highly agree with a great deal of it!