Friday, April 8, 2005

A Trip Down Memory Lane

It's fascinating how people from our past sometimes haunt us like ghosts in the dark, only occasionally showing a faint glimpse and reminding us of times lost in the annuls of our memory banks.

A few weeks ago, my forner best friend from elementary school contacted me out of the blue. Paul... I remember him well. From times playing in the backwoods of the apartment complex where he loved to his rambunctious temperament to the carefree lives we lead as children. Nostalgia has crept in ever since, forcing me to return to thoughts of people I have known over the years. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

There's also Adam Ellis, one of the many friends I knew who vanished from sight without a trace: a former model and wonderfully pleasant man from China, Maine. I'll always remember him for introducing me to Bjork's music, living life to the fullest, and his warm smile. Sure, we had some rough moments while I visited the first time and my bizarre sense of humor caused some awkward arguments between us, but to both of our surprises, our friendship did last a few years before he just disappeared. Who knows where he is now. Though the scrapes and cuts healed from my feet from racing in from the rock hill in the ocean as the tide poured in unannounced, it is still one of my fondest and happiest memories.

And who could forget John Jackson, the kid in my high school who beat me out as "Most Shy" of our graduating class. He was a very quiet and shy boy, but very kind and unforgetable. I remember my own mild annoyance at him following me around during lunch time when I'd go to my locker. I'd even test him sometimes, going to my locker at obscure times during lunch, or passing it by to see if he'd follow me. LOL I always wondered if he did it cause he wanted to have a friendship or something. I'll admit, I did like him a lot, and if it weren't for our shyness, I think we would have become good friends. I still think about him from time to time and wonder where he is now. Wherever that might be, I hope he's happy and content with his life.

So many people... so much has changed... so many ideas for fiction stories.. lol

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