Monday, April 25, 2005

Better or Worse and Education

A dear friend from Brittain responded to my last post, saying "it could always be worse. But that's part of my point. He's right.

But... couldn't it be better?

Should we always just shrug our shoulders and reply "oh well.. It could be worse" and not stop and think, "wait. What's happening here? Why are we allowing this? Has history and revolutions across the world not taught us anything about standing up for what's right?"

We are one of the few countries who have not yet had a revolution. The American Revolution, you say? Bah. That was merely us founding our country, not a true revolution within ourselves. The Civil War? Merely an internal struggle for who is right and who is wrong, the right for a state to secede from the Union, and slavery. Never have we truly had a time where the people stood up to the government and said "stop this! You are not treating us fairly!" And honestly, I doubt it will ever happen. People are too complacent and naive to think such a thing. Thomas Paine is rolling over in his grave. Benedict Arnold is laughing. Thomas Jefferson is dumbfounded. Ben Franklin wishes he created an ink eraser.

American society is truly lazy and lacks thought. Sure, we have "equal education" and let anyone go to school. But we dumb down the curriculum to such a degree that we simply produce drones able to spit out recited facts and figures but unab;e to digest it and formulate their own opinions. The American educational system is inferior on a global scale. Anyone claiming otherwise just needs to look at other countries.

Well time to get off my soap box again! LOL I just needed to vent for a while. I'll just sit quietly and wait for the Secret Service of the FBI to take me away in a straight jacket now. LOL

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