Sunday, April 24, 2005

The End is Near... Film at 11!!

"Repent. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand."
"You angel's whistlin' Dixie?"
"Armageddon is almost upon us."
"I've got news for you: it's already here."
"But your souls are in danger!"
"Our lives are in danger, you beatnick!"

Clue. Such a great movie....

In all reality, these same conversations happen everyday. I was watching a program today about the end of the world. Yes, cheerful stuff. 2012 is supposed to be it for all of us. How cheerful, they give us 7 more years before everything ends!! Well, we have to forget about the other predictions from the past few hundred years that have come and gone. How utterly shocking...

But still, global warming, religious wars, overpopulation, pollution, depletion of fossil fuels... we are slowly killing ourselves and our planet. Along that line of thinking, we definitely might mot last another hundred years.

But "God" ending the world and the people needing to prepare for the destruction of Earth for our behavior? I have one problem with that: it says that the world is ours and nothing else on it matters but for mankind. It was created for us, like some Kleenex for us to blow our snots all over and discarded after it's served its purpose. How thoughtful of humanity to think so highly of themselves and so little of everything else.

Most people who know me know I'm not religious. That can't be changed either. It's not that I'm some "unholy and unGodly" person, hellbent on destruction and chaos theory. No. I just don't trust humanity enough to let it lead me off a cliff. Some of the greatest psychologists of our day, Jung and Freud, bothformunated wonderfully sounds conclusions on religion. We need it to keep civilization civil. If all of us realized there was no "great one" watching our every move, the world would turn into chaos. Society as a whole isn't strong enough to comprehend that we can live great lives without the fear of "the wraith of God." We're far too primitive for that.

Religion is a crux for us to lean on when logic escapes us. Sure, I believe in reincarnation and souls, but that doesn't mean I want someone telling me who or what to bow down to. Christianity is only practiced by 10% of the world. Does that make the other 90% heathens? I should think not.

So, who's god is better than who's god? Who knows. Does it really matter anyway? People kill eachother over who is right and who is wrong. Is that "godly" behavior? What happened to "Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone" and "Judge not lets thou be judged?" All I can say is if there is some great powers that be looking down over us, whomever it is must be shaking their heads at our own srtupidity and ignorance. Surely, no god... whatever you wish to call him or her or it, would want its name attached to us.

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