Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Call Me Now, for Your Free Paranormal Investigation!

I'll warn you now... I'll try my best to post an entry about last night without sounding too bitchy or sarcastic, but I may not succeed...

Bill, Chris, and I arrived at the private residence around 7:30. Of course, being there early is what I prefer. It gives the impression that you care and actually think something is important enough to set aside the time. Sure, sometimes people are occasionally late, but generally I think early is the best way to be.

Of course, it's only my opinion. Some people spend their lives determined to be late without a care about it.

Oops.. bitterness seeping in... better not let that negativity influence things... Oops! There I go again being sarcastic! Oh no!

The owner arrived around 8:00 PM, which was fine, considering the nice warm 11°F (-12°C) weather was perfect for a casual stroll down the lane. We amused ourselves by cracking jokes and keeping as sane as humanly possible, which is never a major feat in good company. The investigation was apparently scheduled for 8:15, and the last half of the gang arrived at around 8:21. It was a very lovely house... sparse, but in an elegant way.

We broke up into pairs and solos, scattering between the basement and 3rd floors with very little equipment and more psychics than a Montel Williams episode. I started in the basement with my camcorder and worked my way up to the 3rd floor. I would have loved to have spent some quality time in a few of the rooms by myself or with one other person, but I didn't quite have much luck with that. I thought I saw something in one of the rooms and a name popped into my head, but I'm very hesitant to claim any psychic abilities, so I just wrote it off as possible coincidence.

I was interested in trying to find something to film that could be definitive and paranormal. That was my goal. Though I haven't yet reviewed the tape, my hopes aren't very high. Instead, I ended up feeling more like the cameraman dragged around by the reporter to film a piece and go home. I snapped a few photographs... captured a few "dust orbs" and sat and watched, basking in the glory of expertise the likes of which the world has never known...

There I go again. I'm a bad man... I know.

The evening was ended with a makeshift seance to send some spirit or two 'toward the light'... though the comment was made that no need to verify the names historically were really needed... some people just know things are facts. Like thunderstorms being angry gods fighting in heaven.

Stop it! You're being bad again, hands!

After a house blessing with white sage, which sounded a bit like this:

We bless this house in the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
This house is blessed by the blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
I command any presences to leave in the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
The Lord, Jesus Christ, is my Lord.
I'm bosom buddies with Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Our Lord, Jesus Christ, saved tons of money by switching to Geico Auto Insurance.
Everything I do, I do it for you, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ!

... we finally made the long snowy journey home. I was exhausted. So were Bill and Chris. I crashed, only to be woken up at 7:30 AM by the downstairs dog barking up a storm. I wished I weren't so against firearms at that moment.

I will say that the investigation was unlike anything I'm accustomed to. Yes, it had its interesting moments, but perhaps I've always dealt with a more scientific rationale and view of things. Silly me for paying attention to Arthur Conan Doyle as a child: "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the solution." Bollocks to that... what was I thinking?

No, I'm not saying that I think all psychics are hacks. Far from it. I have very dear friends who call themselves 'psychic', and some of them are good people with the best of intentions. of course, on the opposite end are the arrogant, pompous people who either deem themselves to be deities or omnipotent beings, high above the rest of the world. if there's one thing I truly hate it's arrogance. That and inflicting your personal views on others without the decency to even ask if they want to hear it. It's just as bad as ignorance... if not worse.

Some people will read this and laugh. Some will understand where I'm coming from. Others will scoff and be insulted. Of course, I know that probably the wrong people will view it as an insult. If you're a good friend of mine and ghost hunter with psychic abilities and you feel insulted, odds are it's not intentional. By that I mean Chris or Bill. LOL

As for a few other people I know who might stumble across this... well, it's open season... and I'm hunting wabbit.... hehehehehehehe.....

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Buck said...

Man, you just need to move to AZ and join SPI. :) Not a psychic in the bunch and we're known to ask that question - and strangely with a bit of foreboding in our voices when we do it. :)

Besides, I could use someone else to make Paul blush when he's cursing up a blue streak and calls someone or something a "bloody foofter" and spends ten minutes saying "Sorry, mate. My mouth goes before my brain." :)