Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Diligently Following the Campaign Treasure Trail...

With the US presidential campaigns finally kicking into high gear, there was bound to be some controversies and allegations sooner or later. Barack Obama is edging out Hillary Clinton for Democratic nominee. And now, a man has come forward with allegations of Obama's recent past, only to be ignored by mainstream media.

What's the fuss all about? Oh, nothing serious. Just that Obama smoked crack cocaine and received oral sex from a man in 1999.

A man named Larry Sinclair recently came forward with this bold statement. He posted a YouTube video concerning the matter and claims that soon afterward, Obama and the Democratic National Committee began threatening and intimidating him. He went so far as to file a lawsuit against them on February 11th.

According to Sinclair, the incident took place in his limousine. He also stated that the then-Illinois legislator purchased powdered cocaine for him. They then proceeded to a hotel where... well, you can fill in the rest with your imagination.

Is the story true? We should find out before the March 4th primary elections. Sinclair was paid $10,000 for his story by and they are administering a polygraph test on February 26th. If the test results show he is telling the truth, he'll be given an extra $100,000 by the news agency.

Could this damage Obama's campaign? Of course. But even if the allegations are true, at least he opted to have a sex scandal before entering the Oval Office...

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