Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sometimes, Less is Just Fine...

Attention! Attention! We are down two gays. Call for backup!

Well, last night's investigation was rather interesting. Unfortunately, my friends Bill and Chris were both horribly sick and stayed home. I arrived with another member quite early (25 minutes early to be precise). We chatted with the homeowner and her family briefly before having a walk-through of the home. I took notes and let the psychic do her thing.

7:00 PM came and went. No one else had arrived yet. The first group members walked through the door at 7:20. Another at 7:30. The final one arrived at almost 8:00 after being lost for 20 minutes. Finally, the show could start.

I set up my camcorder in the rear upstairs bedroom. We discussed the hauntings and checked different rooms. Things seemed relatively peaceful to me, though I'm not exactly psychic. It was quite a nice smaller home. There were plenty of small rises and drops in the floor from the many additions over the last 130 years. There are a few mysteries attached to the house: the identities of the female spirit, the small boy ghost upstairs, and a possible girl buried in the yard. Murder? A family plot? Hopefully some of these secrets will reveal themselves.

All in all, I think it was a success. My girl-pal psychic cleansed the house of negative energies and, with the help of the homeowner, seemingly removed the negative spirit. I guess we'll find out soon enough if everything worked. All I know was that by 11:00 PM, I was utterly exhausted and ready for bed.

I stayed up a short time to check email and finally crashed. I still feel a bit sore and tired today. I have no idea why. I didn't fall down the narrow staircase or move furniture. Perhaps from standing in one spot for so many hours?

I have over 2 hours of video to watch. I know I'll need to make a fresh pot of coffee to survive it. Though I do love reviewing evidence, watching footage of an empty room can become tiresome.

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