Thursday, February 21, 2008

When Psychics Meet Modern Thought

To say that last night's meeting went smoothly would be a prevarication. Once more, I opened my mouth and allowed a personal opinion to tumble forth... leading to vivid discussion and complete confusion on my part.

All I said was, "It would be nice to have a way to tell how accurate the psychics in the group are. Maybe we could test them somehow."

In the ensuing discussion, the line between scientific evidence and psychic impressions became more of a tug-of-war than open discourse.

Frankly, I have no problems with psychic ability. I have some belief in it. Everyone has some type of extrasensory perception, however minuscule. That doesn't mean all psychics are reliable or even trustworthy. Plenty of people (even some well-known names) use manipulation to pull information out of people and spit it back to them under the guise of channeling or communicating with the spirit realm. This makes the work of the honest, true psychics more difficult and often the target or ridicule.

In my 13 years of investigating ghosts and hauntings, I've worked with over a dozen psychics. Some have left me feeling thoroughly unimpressed, though I always remained polite. Others left me shocked and speechless at the information they had no way of knowing. I hold a deep respect for the tried-and-true psychics and sensitives of the world. However few there are.

Most of the best psychics don't flash themselves around. They're the ones you rarely see on television or see advertisements about in newspapers. They're modest and sometimes doubt their ability. They're humble. They're normal or a little goofy. They welcome technology and scientific verification. And best of all, they're great company.

Still, many psychics will occasionally have issues with my methods. I don't blindly trust people to tell me the truth. I need proof and validation. I want to rule out natural phenomena and mental illness. I want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a real reason to investigate a haunting. And if someone rids a place of a spirit without this validation, what proof will there ever be that there was something there in the first place? Is it really necessary to evict every single ghost on the planet? Is the role of a psychic a landlord and housekeeper?

I can't help my rational mind. I walk a very thin line. I'm open to things beyond normal human perception yet I need my five senses to be appeased and alerted. Without both sides of the spectrum, all we are is a bunch of freaks wandering around in the darkness with flashlights. And that's all we'll ever be to the world.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you to a point on this. There are true psychics out there. But many that claim to be true are not and as you say, just use your words to quickly get info. Sylvia Brown is one in example that I don't believe in. It is said that everyone has a psychic ability, it is just wheither it is strong enough to use or that person wants to even try use it at all. I was told it is like playing baseball, everyone can play but only some are naturaly talented at it. I too like to see facts of something but still try to be open minded to things I don't see. Hard to do at times

Colette said...

First of all, wondering how accurate something is and wanting to put said accuracy to the test is not in any way, shape, or form an opinion. Someone who gets upset because you want to test the veracity of findings is an idiot and should not be involved in any sort of 'scientific' investigation - (there now *I* have stated and opinion put that in your crystal ball and smoke it)...

There's a reason why the scientific community thinks psychics are 'quacks' (as well as Yoga teachers, Reiki practitioners and so on - I know this, because I've hung out with scientists and tried to convince them of the benefit of techniques that have not a shred of 'empirical' data to back them up...

So asking/wondering about accuracy merely makes you curious and (IMO) smart - NOT opinionated. In fact, I've known you personally for a while now and I think you have a pretty cool head on your shoulders.

Sure, there is some phenomena that will never be explained away by science. However, finding a way and wondering if there is a way to 'test' certain abilities should be something that all of us who DO believe in such phenomena had better be striving for if we ever want recognition.

Anonymous said...

I'll probably be the first and only psychic that will tell you I'm not perfect and I'm not always right. You can test me all you want I'm not afraid.

Chris said...

I agree with you to but still have a open mind and am in the middle on the subject. Yes there are some who are just off the wall but like you too there are some that I have encountered are very good. I think we need scientific backup to any psychic findings, it only makes you credible. I know I want that with me, it shows to someone that what I am experiencing is not just in my head. I have been able to see and hear things since age 9 but I really don't understand it. I am constantly searching for answers why things happen to me. I feel like Bill Bixby on the "Incredible Hulk" always searching for answers. I never had any yet but maybe one day it will come. I know I never boast about what happens to me as why would I. The whole field of the paranormal is very controversial and your thought of as strange to be in it. I know telling people what I experiece at times makes them uncomfortable and have been made fun of so I usually keep it a secret. So to make up stuff to me would be just plain stupid because I already have self esteem issues, why fan the flame with more misery. lol So always felt this either was a gift or a hinderence. I always felt I was a freak and hid what I go through at times. Your very logical Ken and think you have a great head on your shoulders and your a true,trusted friend. We need more like you out there to keep the bad psychics in check and weed them out. Because there are good and true ones and those are the ones who should shine and be worthy.