Sunday, February 24, 2008

Deutschland und Geists

Ghosts are everywhere. I do mean everywhere. Every continent, every country, and every city. No matter where you are or where you look, you are bound to find a tale of the paranormal not too far away.

It has been four years since my ghost hunting comrade Daniel has joined me on a paranormal investigation. It's not that easyhe lives near Köln (Cologne), Germany! I remember him to be a shy, quiet young man. I never even noticed any accent since he spoke so softly and so little. We visited Indigo Lake, not far from me, along with a paranormal group I belonged to at the time. I had even invited my then-boyfriend along... much to my relief, it hadn't made either of them uncomfortable (Daniel is straight).

Since I have such a fascination with Europe (in all aspects, even men), I've always wanted to tour many different cities and seek out the local hauntings. Though I have been to a few European cities in the past, I never took the time to find any ghosts. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to ghost stories of Europe, but I know there must me many of them floating around.

In fact, there are several reportedly haunted locations around Germany. The TAPS spin-off, Ghost Hunters International, even visited a few in recent episodes. One of these has become infamous in literature and on screen: Castle Frankenstein.

Yes, there really was a "Doctor Frankenstein". He was an alchemist (and a known grave robber) by the name of Johan Konrad Dippel Von Frankenstein, whose experiments on body parts labeled him as "the blood brother of the devil". While Dippel was creative, he was prone to failure. During an experiment, he accidentally discovered nitroglycerin and blew up his lab. Though he managed to cheat death, it finally caught up with him when he tested his immortality potion on himself. It was a fatal mistake: the concoction turned out to be poison.

Though you could say that he has become "immortal" through his legend. Perhaps he was on to something... though not in the way he had intended. Be careful what you wish for.

The ghost said to roam this fortress is actually his ancestor, Arborgast Von Frankenstein. He built the castle in 948.

There is also Cochem Castle in Cochem, Germany rumored to be haunted by an unknown specter, as well as Reichenstein Castle in Trechtingshausen haunted by the headless apparition of Dietrich von Hohenfels. Castles are always a popular place to look for spirits, but not the only locations to investigate. I know there are more out there. It's just a matter of finding them. Unfortunately, I have yet to find any hauntings in Cologne. Perhaps no one cares to speak of these matters in that particular city.

Very soon, Daniel will have an opportunity to experience Ohio ghosts once more. He just sent word that he'll be visiting again in May. Perhaps I can stir up a few new spooks for him by then...

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