Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cold as Ice, Warm as Cat Farts...

I had every intention of spending Valentine's curled up in bed while watching another movie marathon. But it wasn't in the cards. Instead, I was invited to an impromptu ghost hunt at a closed theater again. While no ghosts showed, there was plenty of laughter to be had. I, crowbar in hand, trying to put a hole in a wall which might lead to a secret tunnel... and, with my bowler hat on, looking more like a sadistic Vaudeville murdering act. (I do need to get a copy of that picture taken of me pretending it was a cane.) Then, of course, making Jeri nearly pass out with laughter at my imitation of a local "action news" weatherman with his strange, crack-like jerky movements almost pantomiming the day's forecast.

Strange, but true.

We all nearly froze to death in the auditorium. I crawled into bed late and didn't defrost for a good hour. I managed to collect a few nifty odds and ends from the building. Nothing of any consequence, but then again my flashlight died as soon as I arrived. That's what I get for bringing my cheap plastic one instead of the club-a-man-to-death Mag-Lite.

Today, I spent almost the entire day reading a new book I've wanted for a long time. It is Steve Cooper's first novel, With You in Spirit. After reading Deadline last year, I knew I'd like it. And I was far from disappointed. It's difficult to sum up the books wonderfulness into a few words. Not to mention the comedic cast of characters. A wealthy family of Cape Codders owing their fortune to parking meters. A creepy chauffeur. A ghost with a penchant for Gloria Gaynor. And, best of all, a blind, portly psychic with a flatulent seeing-eye cat. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Otherwise, I'm gearing up for another long writing week. We shall see how far I manage to get over the next five days. I'm trying not to put the cart before the horse. But I am optimistic. April is turning into a busy month for me, so I must get the writing done in a few weeks and any tweaks hammered out through March. Luckily, I am using a day-planner again, so I can keep everything in check.

It's the final push now, so no holds are barred, no waiting for information to add to the book. What I have I have, and that's what I'll use.

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artsyguy said...

Hey, handsome, don't forget to send me that pic you mentioned the other day of you in the bowler--I'm sure it's priceless! =0