Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The End is Near...

Finally, I'm on the last six chapters of the book. After tonight, that number should be down to five. The final chapter is being saved for the weekend, since I need to make a few phone calls before tackling it. I found the notes I had scribbled from an earlier phone call (in the notebook I've been drafting in... go figure), so that hurdle has been passed. I'll be glad next week when this is all behind me. Then, it's just a matter of getting a hold of the publisher, punching out the introduction and conclusion (which are both partially written on various pages of notes), and crossing my fingers.

Though I did have a decent weekend with Bill and Chris, visiting a haunted place in Canal Fulton, it is all a blur to me. The book has taken precedence over all else lately. I even managed to start one chapter at night before collapsing from exhaustion at Chris' home. But I must finish this early and ahead of schedule in order to have sufficient time for rewrites, fixes, etc. This means another five days printing endless notes, writing out chapters at record pace, and being my usual hermit self.

But it's not all writing and dwelling on the literary for me. Some of it is looking to the future, and therein lies a tantalizing (if unlikely) possibility. The Discovery Channel is in the process of creating a new paranormal television show... and I've decided to take a chance and see if I can make the cut. I signed up with my very brief biography and submitted myself for voting as part of the casting process for The Gray Area. Voting is as easy as signing up for the website (it's not mandatory that you participate ever) and clicking the red VOTE button on the right-hand column of my profile. And best of all, you're allowed one vote per day.

The top candidates will be reviewed and decisions will be made based on their information in one month's time. Do I think it's likely? Hardly... but it's worth a try, right? No one ever said television was easy, and I understand that entirely. But sometimes in life, you just need to throw yourself out there, take a risk, and say, "at least I tried."


Jeanne said...

hey, Ken, I voted for you.
I think it would be fantastic if you got the spot. A major breakthrough!
And mega congrats on how the work is going.
I know how it is to be immersed in your writing!

raphnix said...

Your true and willful passion for your work have become fruitful at last.

Keep it up. said...

I voted! :)

Good luck!

Oh and, I hope you don't mind but, I LOVE the way you post pictures here -- so I'm kinda borrowing that idea...

If you mind, let me know! :)

Cullan Hudson said...

Good luck! These kinds of shows could use some intelligence. I saw a LOT of actor submissions, which worries me.