Friday, July 11, 2008

Queer Paranormal Road Trip: Buddie's Pub

The ghost of what was once a gay bar can be found on South Broad Street in Trenton, New Jersey. It was known as Buddie's Pub and had been in operation since the 1960s. Unfortunately, the last efforts to keep the establishment alive failed a few years ago. But the legend lives on... as does, presumably, the ghost.

In 2004, the final owners, Beth and Gary Feltus, did extensive renovations to the century-old building. After tracking down the original blueprints, they restored the interior to its original layout and design. The Trenton Historical Society recognized their work with an award for historic preservation. Otherwise, it was your typical corner bar with inexpensive drinks and nightly entertainment.

And then there was the ghost.

Glasses would fly off their rack. Games and lights would turn on and off sporadically. Pictures and objects would fly off the walls. The light over the pool table even fell off its hooks... without the hooks falling from the ceiling.

Patrons and owners never feared the supernatural presence. In fact, they knew who it was. Most of the paranormal happenings were attributed to Seymour, who converted the pub into a gay establishment in the mid-1960s. He allegedly died in the tavern and never felt the need to leave. Two regulars also met their demise in an adjoining building. One passed away after having his throat cut; the other murdered his lover.

For a brief time in 2007, the structure became a Mexican restaurant, yet it seems to be abandoned once more. Hopefully, the next owner will take good care of the property and reopen it as a successful business, if the spirits approve...


Jeanne said...

Trenton, New Joisey
Who would have thunk it!

Sh@ney said...

Geeez! The gay ghost sounds OK apart from causing a menace...LOL

But the neighbouring building and what went on. WOW

Are they sure the ghost is that off the previous owner and not one of the other's from next door.

Intersting, Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i like your storie on the tavern it is sad that the ghost are alone now .

Anonymous said...

If someone buys the building now it'd be interesting to see if Seymour is still lurking or if he's moved on. Maybe there was nothing to keep him there once the gay bar closed and there were no cute boys for him to check out!