Thursday, October 30, 2008

Supernatural Spotlight: Jeff Belanger

Back what seems like eons ago, I belonged to several paranormal message boards and kept up on them a quite regularly. One of my favorites that I followed very closely was Ghostvillage. While I haven't found time to be as active as I was, I still stop on every so often to see what's happening. The creator, Jeff Belanger, still operates the site but he has become a bit of a phenomenon himself.

From webmaster to prolific author, Belanger has churned out a series of books on both the paranormal and odd history. And it may not be surprising that his website was the catalyst. The Worlds Most Haunted Places: From The Secret Files Of launched his paranormal literary career, though he had been a writer long before it was published. He received his English degree from Hofstra University and was the editor of a Connecticut newspaper for a spell.

But like many of us, ghosts were a fascination of Jeff's from a young age. His first investigation was at the age of 10 during a sleepover at a haunted house. The lure of hauntings never went away and Belanger is now considered a leading expert in the field of the supernatural. Even so, he maintains a good sense of humor and level head, earning him many fans and lecture engagements. began in 1999 and has grown to an enormous size. Jeff has been featured on countess radio and television shows and mentioned in dozens of print media sources. Now, he is a full-time writer living in Massachusetts with many projects on his slate. There are plans for a paranormal thriller novel and even a children's book in the works. He is also the writer and researcher for the new series, Ghost Adventures, starring Zak Bagans.

His newest book, Who's Haunting the White House?: The President's Mansion and the Ghosts Who Live There, is currently available in bookstores everywhere. If you're looking for some spooky reading material, this is one author to check out!

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